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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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                          and Agent or any of the Lenders determines that, by
                          reason thereof, the actual out-of-pocket cost to
                          Agent or any of the Lenders of offering, making, or
                          maintaining the LIBOR-Based Rate is increased, or the
                          amount of any sum receivable by Agent or any of the
                          Lenders hereunder in respect of any of the
                          LIBOR-Based Rate is reduced;

                          then, Borrower shall pay to Agent or such of the
                          Lenders as designated by Agent upon demand (which
                          demand shall be accompanied by a statement setting
                          forth the basis for the calculation thereof but
                          only to the extent not theretofore provided to
                          Borrower) such additional amount or amounts as
                          will compensate Agent or any of the Lenders for
                          such additional cost or reduction.  Determinations
                          by the Agent for purpose of this section of the
                          additional amounts required to compensate Agent or
                          any of the Lenders in respect of the foregoing
                          shall be conclusive, absent demonstrable error.

                                    (ii)   Eurodollar Deposits Unavailable
                          or Interest Rate Unascertainable. In the event that
                          the Agent shall have reasonably determined (which
                          determination shall be conclusive and binding on the
                          parties hereto, absent demonstrable error) that
                          deposits of the necessary amount for the relevant
                          LIBOR-Based Rate Period are not available to Agent or
                          any of the Lenders in the London Eurodollar market or
                          that, by reason of circumstances affecting such
                          market, adequate and reasonable means do not exist
                          for ascertaining the LIBOR-Based Rate applicable to
                          such period or term, as the case may be, or that the
                          application or use of the LIBOR-Based Rate would be
                          impracticable as a result of a contingency occurring
                          after the Closing Date that materially and adversely
                          affects the London interbank market, then Agent shall
                          promptly give notice of such determination to
                          Borrower and (i) any notice of new LIBOR- Based Rate
                          selection previously given by Borrower and not yet
                          converted shall be deemed a selection of the Base
                          Rate and (ii) the existing LIBOR-Based Rate shall be
                          converted to the Base Rate on the last day of the
                          then current LIBOR-Based Rate Period with respect

                                    (iii)  Changes in Law Rendering the
                          LIBOR-Based Rate Unlawful. If at any time due to any
                          new law, treaty or regulation, or any interpretation
                          thereof by any governmental or other regulatory
                          authority charged with the administration thereof, or
                          for any other reason arising subsequent to the date
                          hereof, it shall become unlawful for Agent or any of
                          the Lenders to offer, charge or collect interest
                          based on the LIBOR-Based Rate, the obligation of
                          Agent or such of the Lenders to provide the
                          LIBOR-Based Rate shall, upon the happening of such