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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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            SUBSIDIARY CORPORATION AND AFFILIATED                       FACILITY                 OWNERSHIP
                   LIMITED PARTNERSHIP/LLC                              LOCATION                 INTEREST
 <S>                                                          <C>                                  <C>
 The Columbia ASC, LLC                                        Columbia, South Carolina              51

 The Wichita Orthopaedic ASC, LLC                             Wichita, Kansas                       51

 The Minneapolis Endoscopy ASC, LLC                           Minneapolis, Minnesota                51

 The Chevy Chase ASC, LLC                                     Chevy Chase, Maryland                 51

 The Willoughby ASC, LLC                                      Willoughby, Ohio                      51

 The Oklahoma City ASC, LLC                                   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma               51

 The Cincinnati ASC, LLC                                      Cincinnati, Ohio                      51

 The Mountain West Gastroenterology ASC, LLC                  Salt Lake City, Utah                  51

 *AmSurg Miami, Inc.                                          Miami, Florida                       100

   EIN: 62-1598504

   The Miami ASC, L.P.                                        Miami, Florida                        51

 *AmSurg North Platte, Inc.                                   North Platte, Nebraska               100

   EIN: 62-1619547

 *AmSurg Fort Collins, Inc.                                   Fort Collins, Colorado               100

   EIN: 62-1612176

 *AmSurg Hanford, Inc.                                        Hanford, California                  100

   EIN: 62-1619548

   The Hanford ASC, L.P.                                      Hanford, California                   63