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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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            SUBSIDIARY CORPORATION AND AFFILIATED                       FACILITY                 OWNERSHIP
                   LIMITED PARTNERSHIP/LLC                              LOCATION                 INTEREST
 <S>                                                          <C>                                  <C>
 AmSurg Southwest Florida, L.P.                               Fort Myers/Cape Coral,                60

 *AmSurg Lorain, Inc.                                         Lorain, Ohio                         100

   EIN: 62-1595307

   The Lorain ASC, L.P.                                       Lorain, Ohio                          60

 *AmSurg Maryville, Inc.                                      Maryville, Tennessee                 100

   EIN: 62-1586143

   The Maryville ASC                                          Maryville, Tennessee                  51

 *AmSurg Holdings, Inc.                                       All LLCs                             100

   EIN: 62-1595888

 The Knoxville Ophthalmology ASC, LLC                         Knoxville, Tennessee                  60

 The West Monroe Endoscopy ASC, LLC                           West Monroe, Louisiana                55

 Montgomery Eye Surgery Center, LLC                           Montgomery, Alabama                   51

 The Evansville ASC, LLC                                      Evansville, Indiana                   40

 The Sidney ASC, LLC                                          Sidney, Ohio                          51

 The Bloomington ASC, LLC                                     Bloomington, Minnesota                51

 The Union City ASC, LLC                                      Union City, Tennessee                 51

 The Cleveland ASC, LLC                                       Cleveland, Ohio                       51

 The Milwaukee ASC, LLC                                       Milwaukee, Wisconsin                  51

 The Eye Care Network, LLC                                    Knoxville, Tennessee                  51

 The Alabama Eye Care Network, LLC                            Montgomery, Alabama                   51