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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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            SUBSIDIARY CORPORATION AND AFFILIATED                       FACILITY                 OWNERSHIP
                   LIMITED PARTNERSHIP/LLC                              LOCATION                 INTEREST
 <S>                                                          <C>                                  <C>
 *AmSurg Sebastopol, Inc.                                     Sebastopol, California               100

   EIN: 62-1545686

   The Sebastopol ASC, L.P.                                   Sebastopol, California                60

 *AmSurg ENT Brevard, Inc.                                    Melbourne, Florida                   100

   EIN: 62-1555412

   The ENT Center of Brevard, L.P.                            Melbourne, Florida                    51

 *AmSurg Abilene, Inc.                                        Abilene, Texas                       100

   EIN: 62-1555413

   The Abilene ASC, L.P.                                      Abilene, Texas                        60

 *AmSurg West Tennessee, Inc.                                 Jackson, Tennessee                   100

   EIN: 62-1555415

   The West Tennessee Center, L.P.                            Jackson, Tennessee                    40

 *AmSurg Dallas, Inc.                                         Dallas, Texas                        100

   EIN: 62-1555677

 *AmSurg Lakeland, Inc.                                       Lakeland, Florida                    100

   EIN: 62-1558353

 *AmSurg SWFLA, Inc.                                          Fort Myers/Cape Coral,               100
   EIN: 62-1567628