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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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         Borrower, any Subsidiary, any Partnership, any partnerships
         consolidated with Borrower on its consolidated Financial Statements,
         and/or any LLC fails to make any payment due on any Debt or security
         (as "security" is defined for purposes of the federal securities laws)
         in excess of an aggregate amount equal to $500,000 or any event shall
         occur or any condition shall exist with respect to any Debt or
         security of Borrower, any Subsidiary, any Partnership, and/or any LLC
         or under any agreement securing or relating to such indebtedness or
         security the effect of which is to cause or to permit any holder or
         holders of Debt in excess of an aggregate amount equal to $500,000 to
         cause such Debt or security, or a portion thereof, to become due prior
         to its stated maturity or prior to its regularly scheduled dates of
         payment; or

                 (i)      Undischarged Judgments. If a judgment for the payment
         of money in excess of $500,000 in the aggregate is rendered by any
         court or other governmental authority against Borrower, any
         Subsidiary, any Partnership, and/or any LLC which is not fully covered
         by valid collectible insurance (subject, however to a reasonable
         deductible); or

                 (j)      Violation of Laws, Etc.  Borrower, any Subsidiary,
         any Partnership, or any LLC violates or otherwise fails to comply with
         any law, rule, regulation, decree, order, or judgment under the laws
         of the United States of America, or of any state or jurisdiction
         thereof which violation or failure has a material, adverse effect on
         Borrower, any Subsidiary, any Partnership, or any LLC; or Borrower
         fails or refuses at any and all times to remain current in its or
         their financial reporting requirements pursuant to such laws, rules,
         and regulations or pursuant to the rules and regulations of any
         exchange upon which any shares of Borrower are traded.

                 (k)      Dissolution of Partnerships, Subsidiaries, or LLC's.
         Should any Partnership, Subsidiary, or LLC be dissolved prior to
         repayment of all amounts owed by such Partnership, Subsidiary, or LLC
         to Borrower.

                 (l)      Change of Ownership Prior to IPO Transaction. Should
         the majority of common stock of Borrower cease to be owned by American
         Healthcorp, Inc. unless otherwise approved in writing by Agent;
         provided that this provision shall not be violated in the event that
         the stock of the Borrower is sold pursuant to an IPO Transaction.

                 (m)      Change of Control Subsequent to an IPO Transaction.
         Subsequent to the completion of an IPO Transaction, should a Change of
         Control occur.

         Section 8.02 Remedies. Upon the happening of any Event of Default set
forth above, with the exception of those events set forth in Section 8.01(d)
and 8.01(e): (i) Agent may declare the