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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 11/03/1997
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The Advisory Agreements provide that Messrs. Cigarran and Herr will not sell the
shares of AmSurg Common Stock received pursuant to the agreement until the
second anniversary of the Distribution, subject to certain limited exceptions.
The Advisory Agreements also contain certain non-compete and confidentiality
provisions. In addition, Messrs. Cigarran and Herr will be eligible to receive
compensation as Outside Directors. Messrs. Cigarran and Herr will also be
entitled to indemnification as provided in the Indemnification Agreement that
each will enter into with AmSurg on the Distribution Date. The terms of the
Advisory Agreements were reviewed and approved by the Special Committee.
     Pursuant to a sublease dated June 9, 1996 between AHC and AmSurg (the
"Sublease"), AmSurg leases approximately 15,417 square feet of space from AHC in
Nashville, Tennessee where AmSurg's corporate headquarters are located. AHC
passes through the cost of such leased space to AmSurg, and AmSurg is required
to make an aggregate of $960,820 in rental payments to AHC over the term of the
Sublease which expires December 31, 1999.
     Bergein F. Overholt, M.D. is a director of AmSurg, and President and a 14%
owner of The Endoscopy Center. The Endoscopy Center is a limited partner and
AmSurg is the general partner and majority owner of The Endoscopy Center of
Knoxville, L.P., which owns and operates an ambulatory surgery center. The
aggregate amount of distributions made by The Endoscopy Center of Knoxville,
L.P. to The Endoscopy Center in 1996 was $1,028,000, of which Dr. Overholt
received his pro rata ownership percentage.
     On March 7, 1997, the AmSurg Board of Directors approved the sale to Steven
Geringer of 8,460 shares of AmSurg common stock for an aggregate purchase price
of $50,000 in connection with his joining the AmSurg Board of Directors.