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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/21/1997
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     On the Distribution Date, AmSurg and AHC will enter into the Management
Agreement pursuant to which AHC will provide certain financial and accounting
services to AmSurg and its subsidiaries on a transitional basis, with the intent
that AmSurg is to acquire the personnel, systems and expertise necessary to
become self-sufficient in the provision of these services during the period
beginning on the date of the Management Agreement and ending one year later (or
earlier if so elected by AmSurg). For a detailed summary of the Management
Agreement see "THE DISTRIBUTION -- The Management Agreement." The terms of the
Management Agreement were reviewed and approved by the Special Committee.
     Until December 31, 1996, AmSurg and AHC were parties to a letter agreement
dated November 30, 1992 (the "1992 Letter Agreement"), pursuant to which Henry
D. Herr and Thomas G. Cigarran provided general supervision and business
management services to AmSurg, and AHC provided accounting, financial and
administrative services for the operations of AmSurg and each of the ambulatory
surgery centers managed by AmSurg. For these services, AmSurg paid AHC an annual
fee of approximately $100,000, plus $8,000 per year for administrative,
accounting and financial services relating to the AmSurg corporate operations
and $4,000 per year for services related to each ambulatory surgery center in
operation. Such fees were subject to adjustment as mutually agreed by the
parties, but such adjustment would not be less than a minimum increase equal to
the annual change in the CPI. The actual amounts paid by AmSurg to AHC under the
1992 Letter Agreement for the years ended December 31, 1994, 1995 and 1996 were
$151,846, $186,215 and $213,820, respectively. The annual fees paid to AHC were
not inclusive of costs associated with outside professional tax advisors or
independent accountants. By letter agreement dated January 1, 1997 (the "1997
Letter Agreement"), AHC and AmSurg agreed to continue, on a modified basis, the
administrative services arrangements provided under the 1992 Letter Agreement.
Under the 1997 Letter Agreement, AmSurg has agreed to pay AHC an annual fee of
$85,000 plus out of pocket expenses for services provided by Messrs. Cigarran
and Herr. The services provided by Messrs. Cigarran and Herr are the general
supervision of the business of AmSurg and the provision of advice and
consultation regarding the financial, accounting and administration aspects of
AmSurg's business. The new arrangement also provides that AHC will provide the
services it provided under the 1992 Letter Agreement to each AmSurg ambulatory
surgery center, physician practice and specialty physician network. The fixed
fee for such services is $4,166.67 per month plus $625 per month for each
ambulatory surgery center in operation and $1,250 per month for the corporate
office and each physician practice. The amount paid per month for the specialty
physician networks will be mutually agreed upon by AHC and AmSurg. The 1997
Letter Agreement shall terminate upon the earlier to occur of (i) the mutual
agreement of the parties; (ii) the date on which Class A Common Stock begins to
trade publicly; or (iii) December 31, 1997.
     On the Distribution Date, AmSurg and each of Thomas G. Cigarran and Henry
D. Herr will be subject to an Advisory Agreement (the "Advisory Agreements"),
pursuant to which Messrs. Cigarran and Herr will provide certain continuing
services to AmSurg for two years following the Distribution Date. Immediately
prior to the Distribution Date, Mr. Cigarran served as Chairman of the Board of
AmSurg, and Mr. Herr served as Vice President and Secretary of AmSurg. Pursuant
to the Advisory Agreements, Messrs. Cigarran and Herr will provide advisory
services to the senior management of AmSurg in the areas of strategy,
operations, management and organizational development. As compensation for these
services, AmSurg will pay compensation of $200,000 to Mr. Cigarran and $150,000
to Mr. Herr during the two-year term of the Advisory Agreements. The
compensation will be payable in shares of Class A Common Stock, which shares
will be issued as restricted stock pursuant to the terms of the 1997 Incentive
Plan. One-third of the shares to be paid as compensation will vest immediately,
one-third will vest upon the first anniversary of the Distribution and the
remaining one-third of the shares will vest on the second anniversary of the