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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/21/1997
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     On March 7, 1997 AmSurg and AHC entered into the Distribution Agreement
governing the terms and conditions of the Distribution and certain aspects of
the relationship between AmSurg and AHC thereafter. The Distribution Agreement
provides for, among other things, (i) the Recapitalization, Exchange and
Distribution; (ii) cooperation prior to the Distribution between AmSurg and AHC
in order to effectuate the Distribution; and (iii) certain conditions to be
fulfilled or waived prior to the consummation of the Distribution.
     The Distribution Agreement also provides that, upon satisfaction or waiver
of certain conditions set forth therein and the completion of the
Recapitalization and Exchange, AHC will, on the Distribution Date, distribute to
the holders of record of shares of AHC Common Stock on the Distribution Record
Date all of the shares of Class B Common Stock owned by AHC by delivering
certificates for such shares to the Distribution Agent for delivery to the
holders of AHC Common Stock. According to the Distribution Agreement, the
Distribution shall be deemed to be effective upon notification by AHC to the
Distribution Agent that the Distribution has been declared and that the
Distribution Agent is authorized to proceed with the Distribution.
     Pursuant to the Distribution Agreement, AHC and AmSurg have agreed on (i) a
slate of directors to be elected as the members of the Board of Directors of
AmSurg effective upon the Distribution and any terms and classes for such
directors as may be agreed upon by AHC and AmSurg, (ii) the persons to be the
executive officers of AmSurg effective upon the Distribution, (iii) the terms of
certain amendments to the Bylaws of AmSurg to be effective upon the
Distribution, (iv) the terms of the amendments to the Charter of AmSurg to be
effective upon the Distribution, (v) the terms of a new stock incentive plan to
be effective upon the Distribution, (vi) the terms of the advisory agreements
between each of Henry D. Herr and Thomas G. Cigarran and AmSurg to be effective
for a period of two years following the Distribution and (vii) the terms of
certain arrangements between AmSurg and its directors and officers as described
below under "MANAGEMENT OF AMSURG." In addition, AHC has agreed to vote, in its
capacity as a stockholder of AmSurg, all of its shares of AmSurg common stock in
favor of the Recapitalization, each of the matters referred to in the foregoing
sentence and any other matters requiring the approval of the stockholders of
AmSurg in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Distribution
     Pursuant to the Distribution Agreement, AmSurg and AHC have agreed to
cooperate in order to effectuate the Distribution and certain transactions
related thereto, including, among other things, the preparation and filing with
the SEC of this Information Statement, the listing on the Nasdaq National Market
or other national securities exchange of the Class A Common Stock, the request
by AHC from the Division of Corporation Finance of the SEC of a no-action letter
stating that such division will not recommend enforcement action if the
Distribution is effected without registration under the Securities Act, and the
preparation and delivery to AmSurg's stockholders of a proxy statement with
respect to a stockholders' meeting called to approve the terms of the
Recapitalization, the election of the members of AmSurg's Board of Directors
after the Distribution, the amendment and restatement of AmSurg's Charter and
the adoption of the 1997 Stock Incentive Plan and other matters requiring
approval in connection with the transactions contemplated by the Distribution.
     AmSurg and AHC also agreed in the Distribution Agreement that (i) none of
the transactions contemplated by the Distribution, including the
Recapitalization and Exchange, will constitute, individually or in the
aggregate, a change in control under the terms of any stock incentive plan,
stock incentive agreement or similar plan or agreement of AmSurg and (ii) in
order to better prepare itself for becoming a publicly traded company, AmSurg
may amend or establish new employee benefit plans and amend or adopt other
corporate documents as the Board of Directors of AmSurg may deem reasonably
necessary or appropriate, subject to stockholder approval if necessary, and that
AHC, as a stockholder of AmSurg, will vote in favor of any such actions
submitted to stockholders of AmSurg to the extent that AHC agrees that such
actions are necessary or appropriate for AmSurg as an independent public
     In accordance with the Distribution Agreement, each of AmSurg and AHC will
be granted access to certain records and information in the possession of the
other. In addition, the Distribution Agreement requires the retention by each of
AmSurg and AHC for a period of seven years following the Distribution of all