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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/09/1997
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interest, the Borrower and the Lender shall, to the maximum extent permitted
under applicable law, (a) exclude voluntary prepayments and the effects
thereof, and (b) amortize, prorate, allocate, and spread, in equal parts, the
total amount of interest throughout the entire term of the indebtedness;
provided that if the indebtedness is paid in full prior to the end of the full
contemplated term hereof, and if the interest received for the actual period of
existence hereof exceeds the maximum lawful rate of interest, the holder of the
Note shall refund to the Borrower the amount of such excess or credit the
amount of such excess against the principal portion of the indebtedness as of
the date it was received, and, in such event, the Lender shall not be subject
to any penalties provided by any laws for contracting for, charging, reserving,
collecting or receiving interest in excess of the maximum lawful rate of

         Principal and unpaid interest bear interest during the continuance of
any default in payment of principal and interest as herein provided at the
lesser of(i) the Base Rate (as defined in the Loan Agreement), plus 4% per
annum, or the maximum lawful rate of interest permitted by law. In case of
suit, or if this obligation is placed in an attorney's hands for collection, or
to protect the security for its payment, the undersigned will pay all costs of
collection and litigation, including a reasonable attorney's fee.

         In the event that there occurs any breach of any promise made in this
Note and such breach continues for longer than fifteen (15) days, or upon the
occurrence of an Event of Default as defined in the Loan Agreement, then,
during the continuance of any of such events, at the option of the holder, the
entire indebtedness hereby evidenced shall become due, payable and collectible
then or thereafter, without notice, as the holder may elect regardless of the
date of maturity. The holder may waive any default before or after the same has
been declared and restore this Note to full force and effect without impairing
any rights hereunder, such right of waiver being a continuing one.

         The makers, endorsers, guarantors and all parties to this Note and all
who may become liable for same, jointly and severally waive presentment for
payment, protest, notice of protest, notice of nonpayment of this Note, demand
and all legal diligence in enforcing collection, and hereby expressly agree
that the lawful owner or holder of this Note may defer or postpone collection
of the whole or any part thereof, either principal and/or interest, or may
extend or renew the whole or any part thereof, either principal and/or
interest, or may accept additional collateral or security for the payment of
this Note, or may release the whole or any part of any collateral security
and/or liens given to secure the payment of this Note, or may release from
liability on account of this Note any one or more of the makers, endorsers,
guarantors and/or other parties thereto, all without notice to them or any of
them; and