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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/09/1997
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                                   Exhibit E

1.       Loans to Digestive Disease Clinic, Inc., Jackson, Tennessee.  AmSurg
         has a management agreement but no current ownership in this ASC but
         does have an option to acquire a 51% ownership interest in July, 1997.

2.       Loan to The Largo Urology ASC, Inc., Largo, Florida.  AmSurg will own
         40% of this ASC with a right to buy up to 51% after 3 years of

3.       Loan to Evansville ASC, LLC, Evansville, Indiana.  AmSurg current
         ownership is 40%.  On the date of opening, AmSurg will purchase an
         additional 15% bringing ownership to 55%.