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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/09/1997
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         "Contingent Liabilities" means all contingent liabilities required to
be disclosed on the consolidated Financial Statements of the Borrower, its
Subsidiaries, the Partnerships, the LLC's in accordance with GAAP as in effect
from time to time, including statement #5 of the Financial Accounting Standards
Board and any successor thereto.

         "Conversion Date" means the date that interest on the outstanding
principal balance of any Advance is converted from the Base Rate to the
LIBOR-Based Rate.

         "Debt" means, with respect to any Person, all obligations of such
Person, contingent or otherwise, which in accordance with GAAP would be
classified on a balance sheet of such Person as liabilities of such Person, but
in any event including (a) liabilities secured by any mortgage, pledge or lien
existing on Property owned by such Person and subject to such mortgage, pledge
or lien, whether or not the liability secured thereby shall have been assumed
by such Person, (b) all indebtedness and other similar monetary obligations of
such Person, (c) all guaranties, obligations in respect of letters of credit,
endorsements (other than endorsements of negotiable instruments for purposes of
collection in the ordinary course of business), obligations to purchase goods
or services for the purpose of supplying funds for the purchase or payment of
Debt of others and other contingent obligations in respect of, or to purchase,
or otherwise acquire, or advance funds for the purchase of, Debt of others, (d)
all obligations of such Person to indemnify another Person to the extent of the
amount of indemnity, if any, which would be payable by such Person at the time
of determination of Debt and (e) all obligations of such Person under capital

         "Default" or "Event of Default" means the occurrence of any of the
events specified in Section 8.01 hereof.

         "Default Conditions" or "Default Condition" means the occurrence of
any of the events specified in Section 8.04 hereof.

         "Development Costs" means the total amount of all costs and expenses
(excluding soft costs and fees payable to Borrower) incurred by a Partnership
or LLC in the development, construction, or renovation of Projects.

         "EBITDA" (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and
Amortization) for any period means an amount equal to Consolidated Net Income
(or the net deficit, if expenses and charges exceed revenues and proper income
items) for such period, plus amounts that have been deducted for (i)
depreciation, (ii) amortization, (iii) interest expense, (iv) income taxes, (v)
extraordinary and non-recurring items, and (vi) the cumulative effects of
changes in accounting principles, and minus (vii) amounts that have been added
for (a) extraordinary and non-recurring items and (b) the