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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G/A on 05/09/1997
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     or, in the case of an Outside Director, the Board, other than (i) transfers
     by a participant to a member of his or her Immediate Family (as that term
     is defined in the 1997 Incentive Plan) or a trust for the benefit of the
     participant or a member of his or her Immediate Family or (ii) transfers by
     will or by the laws of descent and distribution (the designation of a
     beneficiary will not constitute a transfer); or
          f. the Plan Committee may, at or after grant, condition the receipt of
     any payment in respect of any award or the transfer of any shares subject
     to an award on the satisfaction of a six-month holding period, if such
     holding period is required for compliance with Section 16 under the
     Exchange Act.
     Following the occurrence of any event that would result in the acceleration
of vesting and exercisability as described above, the holders of stock options
and other rights (to the extent that they have been held for any required
holding period pursuant to Section 16 of the Exchange Act in the case of options
and other rights held by executive officers and directors or other persons
subject to such Section) will, unless otherwise determined by the Plan
Committee, receive cash equal to the difference between the highest price paid
per share of Class A Common Stock in any transaction during the 60 days prior to
the change in control or potential change in control event and the exercise
price of the option or other right.
     The 1997 Incentive Plan may be amended, altered or discontinued by the
Board of Directors of AmSurg to the fullest extent permitted by the Exchange Act
and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; provided, however, that no
amendment, alteration or discontinuation may be made which would (a) impair the
rights of an optionee or participant without the optionee's or participant's
consent or (b) require shareholder approval pursuant to any other applicable law
or regulation. The Board of Directors may not, without the approval of the
stockholders of AmSurg, make any amendment to or alteration of the 1997
Incentive Plan which would (a) except as a result of the provisions of Section
3(c) of the 1997 Incentive Plan, increase the maximum number of shares that may
be issued under the 1997 Incentive Plan or increase the Section 162(m) Maximum
(as defined in the 1997 Incentive Plan), (b) change the provisions governing
incentive stock options except as required or permitted under the provisions
governing incentive stock options under the Code, or (c) make any change for
which applicable law or regulatory authority would require stockholder approval
or for which stockholder approval would be required to secure full deductibility
of compensation received under the 1997 Incentive Plan under Section 162(m) of
the Code.
     The 1997 Incentive Plan will expire on the tenth anniversary of its
effective date.
Other Stock Options
     AmSurg also has granted non-qualified stock options for the purchase of
20,667 shares of Class A Common Stock to certain non-employee directors of
AmSurg and to AmSurg's Medical Director and Associate Medical Director. The
options granted will vest in four equal annual installments, will expire 10
years from the date of grant, and are exercisable at an average exercise price
of approximately $4.79 per share. In the event of certain fundamental changes to
AmSurg (including liquidation, dissolution, merger, reorganization or sale of
all or substantially all of the assets of AmSurg), the stock options shall
immediately vest and be fully exercisable by the optionees.