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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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         The Corporation is entitled to reject a shareholder document if the
Secretary or other officer or agent authorized to tabulate votes, acting in
good faith, has a reasonable basis for doubt about the validity of the
signature on such shareholder document or about the signatory's authority to
sign for the shareholder.

         2.11    ACTION WITHOUT MEETING.
         Action required or permitted by the Act to be taken at a shareholders'
meeting may be taken without a meeting.  If all shareholders entitled to vote
on the action consent to taking such action without a meeting, the affirmative
vote of the number of shares that would be necessary to authorize or take such
action at a meeting is the act of the shareholders.

         The action must be evidenced by one (1) or more written consents
describing the action taken, at least one of which is signed by each
shareholder entitled to vote on the action in one (1) or more counterparts,
indicating such signing shareholder's vote or abstention on the action and
delivered to the Corporation for inclusion in the minutes or for filing with
the corporate records.

         If the Act or the Charter requires that notice of a proposed action be
given to nonvoting shareholders and the action is to be taken by consent of the
voting shareholders, then the Corporation shall give its nonvoting shareholders
written notice of the proposed action at least ten (10) days before such action
is taken.  Such notice shall contain or be accompanied by the same material
that would have been required to be sent to nonvoting shareholders in a notice
of a meeting at which the proposed action would have been submitted to the
shareholders for action.

         Meetings of the shareholders shall be presided over by the Chairman of
the Board (the "Chairman"), or if the Chairman is not present or if the
Corporation shall not have a Chairman, by the President or Chief Executive
Officer, or if neither the Chairman nor the President or Chief Executive
Officer is present, by a chairman chosen by a majority of the shareholders
entitled to vote at such meeting.