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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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         payment of this Note, or may release the whole or any part of any
         collateral security and/or liens given to secure the payment of this
         Note, or may release from liability on account of this Note any one or
         more of the makers, endorsers, guarantors and/or other parties
         thereto, all without notice to them or any of them; and such
         deferment, postponement, renewal, extension, acceptance of additional
         collateral or security and/or release shall not in any way affect or
         change the obligation of any such maker, endorser, guarantor or other
         party to this Note, or of any who may become liable for the payment

                 The Borrower shall pay a "late charge" of five percent (5%) of
         any payments of principal and/or interest due when paid more than five
         days after the due date thereof (provided that in no event shall said
         "late charge" result in the payment of interest in excess of the
         maximum lawful rate of interest permitted by applicable law), to cover
         the extra expenses involved in handling delinquent payments; and
         provided that the late charge shall not be applicable to the payment
         due on the Maturity Date.

                 The term "maximum lawful rate of interest" as used herein
         shall mean a rate of interest equal to the higher or greater of the
         following: (a) the "applicable formula rate" defined in Tennessee Code
         Annotated Section 47-14-102(2), or (b) such other rate of interest as
         may be charged under other applicable laws or regulations.

                 This Note is a secured Note.

                 This Note has been executed and delivered in, and shall be
         governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of
         Tennessee except to the extent pre-empted by applicable laws of the
         United States of America.

                 This Note may not be changed or terminated without the prior
         written approval of the Lender and the Borrower. No waiver of any term
         or provision hereof shall be valid unless in writing signed by the

                 Executed this 25th day of June, 1996.

                                         AMSURG CORP., a Tennessee





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