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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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         date of this Agreement that are referenced or reflected in the
         Financial Statements; and

                 (c)      Seller Financing and Funded Debt not to exceed
         $5,500,000 in the aggregate.

         Section 7.02     Liens.  Create, incur, assume, or permit to exist any
Lien on any of its Property (now owned or hereafter acquired) except, subject to
all other provisions of this Article, the foregoing restrictions shall not apply

                 (a)      Liens securing the payment of any Indebtedness to

                 (b)      Liens for taxes, assessments, or other governmental
         charges not yet due or which are being contested in good faith by
         appropriate action promptly initiated and diligently conducted, if
         Borrower or such Subsidiary shall have made any reserve therefor
         required by GAAP;

                 (c)      Liens referred to or reflected in the Financial
         Statements identified in Section 4.06 herein; and

                 (d)      Liens on any real or personal property that secures
         the Debt permitted by Section 7.01(c) above; and

                 (e)  Liens permitted by Section 7.01(e); and

                 (f)      Landlord liens in states where such liens arise by
         operation of law.

         Section 7.03  Investments, Loans, and Advances.  Make or permit to
remain outstanding any loans or advances to or investments in any Person, except
that, subject to all other provisions of this Article, the foregoing restriction
shall not apply to:

                 (a)      investments in direct obligations of the United
         States of America or any agency thereof;

                 (b)      investments in certificates of deposit having
         maturities of less than one year, or repurchase agreements issued by
         commercial banks in the United States of America having capital and
         surplus in excess of $50,000,000, or commercial paper of the highest

                 (c)      investments in money market funds so long as the
         entire investment therein is fully insured or so long as the fund is a
         fund operated by a commercial bank of the type specified in (b) above;

                 (d)      Those matters referenced on Exhibit F and loans to
         Partnerships or LLC's; and