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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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accounting principles or practices with which Borrower's certified public
accountants concur and which changes have been reported to Lender in writing
and with an explanation thereof.

         Section 6.08  Right of Inspection.  At Borrower's expense, permit any
officer, employee, or agent of Lender to visit and inspect any of the Property
of Borrower or any Subsidiary, to examine Borrower's and any Subsidiary's books
of record and accounts, to take copies and extracts from such books of record
and accounts, and to discuss the affairs, finances, and accounts of Borrower and
any Subsidiary with Borrower's respective officers, accountants, and auditors,
all at such reasonable times and as often as Lender may reasonably desire. 
Cause at reasonable times any officer, employee, or agent of Lender to be
permitted to visit and inspect at Borrower's cost any Properties owned by any
Partnership or LLC and to inspect and copy any financial records and books of
records and account of such Partnership or LLC.

         Section 6.09  Notice of Certain Events.  Promptly notify Lender if
Borrower learns of the occurrence of (i) any event that constitutes a Default
Condition or Event of Default together with a detailed statement by a
responsible officer of Borrower of the steps being taken as a result thereof; or
(ii) the receipt of any notice from, or the taking of any other action by, the
holder of any promissory note, debenture, or other evidence of Debt of Borrower
or of any security (as defined under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended) of
Borrower with respect to a claimed default, together with a detailed statement
by a responsible officer of Borrower specifying the notice given or other action
taken by such holder and the nature of the claimed default and what action
Borrower is taking or proposes to take with respect thereto; or (iii) any legal,
judicial, or regulatory proceedings affecting Borrower in which the amount
involved is material and is not covered by insurance or which, if adversely
determined, would have a material and adverse effect on the business or the
financial condition of Borrower; or (iv) any dispute between Borrower and any
governmental or regulatory authority or any other person, entity, or agency
which, if adversely determined, could reasonably be expected to materially
interfere with the normal business operations of Borrower; or (v) any material
adverse changes, either individually or in the aggregate, in the assets,
liabilities, financial condition, business, operations, affairs, or
circumstances of Borrower from those reflected in the Financial Statements or
from the facts warranted or represented in any Loan Document; or (vi) the
occurrence of a default under a Partnership Note or an LLC Note.

         Section 6.10  ERISA Information and Compliance.  Comply with ERISA and
all other applicable laws governing any pension or profit sharing plan or
arrangement to which Borrower is a party. Borrower shall provide Lender with
notice of any "reportable event" or "prohibited transaction" or the imposition
of a "withdrawal liability" within the meaning of ERISA.