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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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                 (d)      cause the Borrower, each LLC, and each Subsidiary
         that acts as a general partner in a Partnership, and each Partnership
         to refrain from doing business in any state in which such business
         would require qualifications to do business in such state unless and
         until it shall have qualified to do business in such state.

         Section 6.04  Further Assurances.  Promptly cure any defects in the
creation, issuance, and delivery of the Loan Documents. Borrower at its expense
promptly will execute and deliver to Lender upon request all such other and
further documents, agreements, and instruments in compliance with or
accomplishment of the covenants and agreements of Borrower in the Loan
Documents, or to correct any omissions in the Loan Documents, or to state more
fully the Obligations and agreements set out in any of the Loan Documents, to
file any notices, or to obtain any consents, all as may be reasonably necessary
or appropriate in connection therewith.

         Section 6.05  Performance of Obligations.

                 (a)      Pay the Indebtedness according to the terms of the
         Loan Documents; and

                 (b)      do and perform, and cause to be done and to be
         performed, every act and discharge all of the Obligations provided to
         be performed and discharged by Borrower under the Loan Documents, at
         the time or times and in the manner specified.

         Section 6.06  Insurance.  Maintain and continue to maintain, with
financially sound and reputable insurors, insurance satisfactory in type,
coverage and amount to Lender against such liabilities, casualties, risks, and
contingencies and in such types and amounts as is customary in the case of
Persons engaged in the same or similar businesses and similarly situated as that
of Borrower, its Subsidiaries, LLC's, and the Partnerships. Upon request of
Lender, Borrower will furnish or cause to be furnished to Lender from time to
time a summary of the insurance coverage of Borrower in form and substance
satisfactory to Lender and if requested will furnish Lender copies of the
applicable policies. In the case of any fire, accident, or other casualty
causing material loss or damage to any Property of Borrower, any Subsidiary, any
LLC, or any Partnership, and the loss(es) materially impair(s) the operation of
the business of Borrower, any Subsidiary, any LLC, or any Partnership the
proceeds of such policies shall be used, at Borrower's discretion (a) to repair
or replace the damaged Property, or (b) to prepay the Indebtedness.

         Section 6.07  Accounts and Records. At Borrower's expense, cause books
of record and account for it and its Subsidiaries, the LLC's, and the
Partnerships to be kept, in which full, true, and correct entries will be made
of all dealings or transactions in accordance with GAAP as applicable, except
only for changes in