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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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                 (h)      Opinions of Counsel for Borrower. The opinions of
         counsel for Borrower, addressed to Lender, substantially in the form 
         of Exhibit I.

                 (i)      Other. Such other documents as Lender may reasonably

         Section 5.02  Conditions Prior to Funding.  Lender's obligation to fund
any Advance is subject to the additional Conditions Precedent that Lender shall
have received (or agreed in writing to waive or defer receipt of) all of the
following, each duly executed:

                 Request for Advance.  A Request for Advance in the form of
         Exhibit C hereto, along with borrowing base certificate signed by the
         chief financial officer of Borrower affirming that the total amount
         outstanding under all Advances made subsequent to the date hereof,
         plus the requested Advance, do not and will not exceed the sum of (i)
         85% of Development Costs, plus (ii) 65% of the total cost of all
         Acquisitions or a Physician Practice Acquisitions.

         Section 5.03  All Borrowings.  The Lender's obligations to extend
credit under the Loan Documents are subject to the following additional
Conditions Precedent which shall be met each time an Advance is requested and an
Advance is made:

                 (a)      The representations of the Borrower contained in
         Article IV are true and correct in all material respects as of the
         date of the requested Advance, with the same effect as though made on
         the date additional funds are advanced, except as to changes occurring
         after the date of this Agreement caused by transactions not prohibited
         under this Agreement; (b) There has been no material adverse change in
         the Borrower's financial condition or other condition since the date
         of the last borrowing hereunder; (c) No Default Conditions and no
         Event of Default have occurred and continue to exist; (d) No material
         litigation (including, without limitation, derivative actions),
         arbitration proceedings or governmental proceedings not disclosed in
         writing by the Borrower to the Lender prior to the date of the
         execution and delivery of this Agreement is pending or known to be
         threatened against the Borrower, or any Subsidiary, or any
         Partnership, or any LLC, and (e) no material development not so
         disclosed has occurred in any litigation, arbitration proceedings or
         governmental proceedings so disclosed, which could reasonably be
         expected to adversely affect the financial position or business of the
         Borrower, or any Subsidiary, or any Partnership, or any LLC, or impair
         the ability of the Borrower, or any Subsidiary, or any Partnership, or
         any LLC, to perform their respective obligations under this Agreement
         or any other Loan Documents.