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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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         Interest Rate Election.  Should the Borrower fail to deliver such
         Notice of Interest Rate Election in a timely manner, then it shall be
         conclusively presumed that the Borrower has selected the Base Rate as
         the Applicable Interest Rate.

                 (e)      At any time, no more than ten (10) different
         LIBOR-Based Rate Periods may be applicable to the Term Note and all

                 (f)      The calculation of the Applicable Interest Rate shall
         be based on a year of 360 days.

                 (g)      The following provisions shall apply at any time that
         the LIBOR-Based Rate is applicable:

                          (i)       Increased Cost. If, as a result of any
                 change in applicable law, regulation, treaty or directive, in
                 the interpretation or application thereof or compliance by
                 Lender with any request or directive (whether or not having
                 the force of law) from any court or governmental authority,
                 agency or instrumentality:

                                    (A)    the basis of taxation of payments to
                          Lender of the principal of or interest on any loan on
                          which a LIBOR-Based Rate is applicable (other than
                          taxes imposed on the overall net income of Lender) is

                                    (B)    any reserve, special deposit or
                          similar requirements against assets of, deposits with
                          or for the account of, or credit extended by, Lender
                          are imposed, modified or deemed applicable; or

                                    (C)    any other condition affecting this
                          Agreement or the LIBOR-Based Rate is imposed on
                          Lender or the London eurodollar market;

                 and Lender determines that, by reason thereof, the actual
                 out-of-pocket cost to Lender of offering, making, or
                 maintaining the LIBOR-Based Rate is increased, or the amount
                 of any sum receivable by Lender hereunder in respect of any of
                 the LIBOR-Based Rate is reduced;

                 then, Borrower shall pay to Lender upon demand (which demand
                 shall be accompanied by a statement setting forth the basis
                 for the calculation thereof but only to the extent not
                 theretofore provided to Borrower) such additional amount or
                 amounts as will compensate Lender for such additional cost or
                 reduction. Determinations by Lender for purpose of this
                 section of the additional amounts required to compensate
                 Lender in respect of the foregoing shall be conclusive, absent
                 demonstrable error.