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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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Note, the Term Note, and all other documents, certificates, reports, and
instruments that this Agreement requires or that were executed or delivered (or
both) at Lender's request.

         "Minority Interest" means that amount depicted from time to time on
Borrower's most current Consolidated Balance Sheet as "Minority Interest" so
long as such is calculated on a consistent basis and in accordance with GAAP.

         "Notice of Interest Rate Election" means the notice required by
Section 2.06(c) and Section 2.06(d) herein and which notice shall be in either
the form of Exhibit B hereto or in such other form as approved by Lender.

         "Obligations" means all of Borrower's undertakings in the Loan
Documents including, but not limited to, all agreements, representations,
warranties, and covenants. The term "Obligations" includes the Indebtedness.

         "Partnership" means any general or limited partnership validly formed
under the law of any state for the purpose of making an Acquisition or a
Physician Practice Acquisition, or for the purpose of developing a Project and
in which the Borrower retains a majority ownership interest.

         "Partnership Agreement" means the general partnership agreement or the
limited partnership agreement of any Partnership.

         "Partnership Note" means a promissory note issued by a Partnership to
the order of Borrower and evidencing a loan by Borrower to such Partnership of
monies initially advanced by Lender to Borrower under the Revolving Credit
Note, which loan is made in connection with the development of a Project in
which the Borrower retains a majority ownership interest.

         "Partnership Note Collateral" means any property, collateral, or
assets securing repayment of a Partnership Note.

         "Physician Practice Acquisition" means the acquisition of the assets
of a physician's practice or the practice of more than one physician by a
Partnership or LLC in circumstances where the physicians whose assets are
acquired are partners or are members in an LLC or immediately thereafter will
become partners in the Partnership or a member in the LLC.

         "PBGC" means the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and any entity
succeeding to any or all of its functions under ERISA.

         "Person" means any individual, corporation, partnership, joint
venture, association, joint stock company, trust, unincorporated organization,
government, or any agency or political subdivision thereof, or any other form
of entity.