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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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                 (b)      No payments shall be made to Officer past age
                          sixty-five (65) years regardless of the term
                          remaining after termination.

                 (c)      There shall be no further extension of the Agreement.

                 (d)      Amounts payable by the Company shall be offset and
                          reduced by any amount earned by Officer in any active
                          employment that she may receive during said one-year
                          period from any other source whatsoever, except said
                          sums shall not include income from dividends,
                          investments or passive income.  As a condition for
                          Officer receiving her compensation from the Company,
                          she agrees to furnish the Company annually with full
                          information regarding such other employment and to
                          permit inspection of her records at any such
                          employment and copy of her Federal income tax

                 (e)      The Company shall receive credit for unemployment
                          insurance, social security  insurance or like amounts
                          received by Officer.

                 (f)      The payments will cease upon death of Officer
                          regardless of term remaining.


                 (a)      Confidential Information.  Officer agrees not to
                          disclose, either during the time she is employed by
                          the Company or following the termination of her
                          employment by the Company, any confidential
                          information concerning the Company, including, but
                          not limited to, customer lists, contract terms,
                          financial costs, sales data, or business
                          opportunities whether for existing, new or developing

                 (b)      Non-Compete.  Upon voluntary termination of Officer's
                          employment, upon termination of Officer's employment
                          by the Company for cause, or upon termination of
                          Officer's employment without cause, Officer agrees
                          not to enter into or engage in any phase of the
                          business conducted by the Company in any state in
                          which the Company is conducting business on the date
                          of termination of Officer's employment with the
                          Company, either as an individual for her own account,
                          as a partner or joint venturer, or as an employee,
                          agent, officer, director, or substantial shareholder
                          of a corporation or otherwise for a period of one (1)
                          year following the date of Officer's termination of
                          her employment with the Company.  As of the date of
                          execution of this Agreement, the business conducted
                          by the Company was defined as single specialty
                          surgery centers, single specialty physician networks
                          and single specialty physician practices.
                          Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event Officer's
                          employment is not terminated for cause, if Officer
                          reasonably shows