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AMSURG CORP filed this Form 10-12G on 03/11/1997
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                          (ii)    Awards of Restricted Stock must be accepted
                 within a period of 60 days (or such shorter period as the
                 Committee may specify at grant) after the award date, by
                 executing a Restricted Stock Award Agreement and paying
                 whatever price (if any) is required under Section 7(b)(i).

                          (iii)   Each participant receiving a Restricted Stock
                 award shall be issued a stock certificate in respect of such
                 shares of Restricted Stock.  Such certificate shall be
                 registered in the name of such participant, and shall bear an
                 appropriate legend referring to the terms, conditions, and
                 restrictions applicable to such award.

                          (iv)    The Committee shall require that the stock
                 certificates evidencing such shares be held in custody by the
                 Corporation until the restrictions thereon shall have lapsed,
                 and that, as a condition of any Restricted Stock award, the
                 participant shall have delivered a stock power, endorsed in
                 blank, relating to the shares of Common Stock covered by such

                 (c)      Restrictions and Conditions.  The shares of
         Restricted Stock awarded pursuant to this Section 7 shall be subject
         to the following restrictions and conditions:

                          (i)     In accordance with the provisions of this
                 Plan and the award agreement, during a period set by the
                 Committee commencing with the date of such award (the
                 "Restriction Period"), the participant shall not be permitted
                 to sell, transfer, pledge, assign, or otherwise encumber
                 shares of Restricted Stock awarded under the Plan, except to
                 the extent permitted under Section 13(h) below.  Within these
                 limits, the Committee, in its sole discretion, may provide for
                 the lapse of such restrictions in installments and may
                 accelerate or waive such restrictions, in whole or in part,
                 based on service, performance, such other factors or criteria
                 as the Committee may determine in its sole discretion.

                          (ii)    Except as provided in this paragraph (ii) and
                 Section 7(c)(i), the participant shall have, with respect to
                 the shares of Restricted Stock, all of the rights of a
                 shareholder of the Corporation, including the right to vote
                 the shares, and the right to receive any cash dividends.  The
                 Committee, in its sole discretion, as determined at the time
                 of award, may permit or require the payment of cash dividends
                 to be deferred and, if the Committee so determines,
                 reinvested, subject to Section 14(e), in additional Restricted
                 Stock to the extent shares are available under Section 3, or
                 otherwise reinvested.  Pursuant to Section 3 above, stock
                 dividends issued with respect to Restricted Stock shall be
                 treated as additional shares of Restricted Stock that are
                 subject to the same restrictions and other terms and
                 conditions that apply to the shares with respect to which such
                 dividends are issued. If the Committee so determines, the
                 award agreement may also impose restrictions on the right to
                 vote and the right to receive dividends.