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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 11/13/2017
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ILLUSTRATIVE Debt structure Debt Instruments(1) As of Sep. 30, 2017 ($ in mm) Pro-Forma (AMR Adjusted) as of Sep. 30, 2017 ($ in mm) Term Loan B-2023(2) $ 3,966 $ 2,066 ABL Facility(3) -- -- Senior Notes 2,400 2,400 Other Debt 59 59 $ 6,425 $ 4,525 Cash and Cash Equivalents(4) 319 278 Net Debt $ 6,106 $ 4,247 Ratio of Net Debt to LTM Adjusted EBITDA(5) ~4.5x ~4.1x Amount includes current portion of long-term debt of $52.5mm. Pro-forma AMR adjusted for estimated net cash proceeds of $1.9bn ABL facility provides for revolving borrowings of up to $850.0mm subject to borrowing base availability. The borrowing capacity as of Sep. 30 was $664.6mm after giving effect to letters of credit outstanding. Pro-forma AMR-adjusted expected availability of ~$500.0mm. Pre-AMR adjustment includes $41.2mm of cash attributable to discontinued operations . Based on Adjusted EBITDA as calculated under the company’s credit agreements.