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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 11/13/2017
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Core Strategies aligned with market opportunity Market Leadership Position The trusted strategic partner for providers, health systems, communities and payors in the common pursuit of the highest quality of care for the patients we serve Continue to support physicians in the alignment with health systems and payors in the transformation to integrated delivery networks Disciplined Capital Deployment Maintaining financial flexibility to de-lever and fund growth Expanding relevance of key service lines through continued consolidation Diversified Platform for Growth Offering leading suite of solutions to deliver on customer mandate for increased quality, patient satisfaction and care coordination Leveraging existing relationships and service excellence to deliver incremental growth across clinical solutions Large Addressable Market Competing in $90-$100bn addressable and highly fragmented market with opportunity to consolidate and drive benefits of scale Efficient Cost Structure On target to achieve $35mm of $50mm of announced run-rate cost synergies from merger with remaining $15mm to be achieved in 2018 Taking discrete actions expected to improve operating performance to realize $50mm of incremental Adjusted EBITDA in 2018