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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 10/31/2017
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the transactions of the Corporation, and render a full financial report at the annual meeting of the stockholders, if called upon to do so.
(e)    The Treasurer shall be empowered from time to time to require from all officers or agents of the Corporation reports or statements giving such information as he or she may desire with respect to any and all financial transactions of the Corporation.
(f)    The Treasurer may sign (unless an Assistant Treasurer or the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary shall have signed) certificates representing shares of stock of the Corporation the issuance of which shall have been authorized by the Board.
(g)    The Treasurer shall perform, in general, all duties incident to the office of treasurer and such other duties as may be specified in these By-laws or as may be assigned to the Treasurer from time to time by the Board or the Chief Executive Officer and President.

Section 5.01    Certificates of Stock; Uncertificated Shares. The shares of the Corporation shall be represented by certificates, except to the extent that the Board has provided by resolution or resolutions that some or all of any or all classes or series of the stock of the Corporation shall be uncertificated shares. Any such resolution shall not apply to shares represented by a certificate until such certificate is surrendered to the Corporation. Every holder of stock in the Corporation represented by certificates shall be entitled to have, and the Board may in its sole discretion permit a holder of uncertificated shares to receive upon request, a certificate signed by the appropriate officers of the Corporation, certifying the number and class of shares owned by such holder. Such certificate shall be in such form as the Board may determine, to the extent consistent with applicable law, the Certificate of Incorporation and these By-laws.
Section 5.02    Facsimile Signatures. Any or all signatures on the certificates referred to in Section 5.01 of these By-laws may be in facsimile form. If any officer, transfer agent or registrar who has signed, or whose facsimile signature has been placed upon, a certificate shall have ceased to be such officer, transfer agent or registrar before such certificate is issued, it may be issued by the Corporation with the same effect as if he or she were such officer, transfer agent or registrar at the date of issue.
Section 5.03    Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Certificates. A new certificate may be issued in place of any certificate theretofore issued by the Corporation alleged to have been lost, stolen or destroyed only upon delivery to the Corporation of an affidavit of the owner or owners (or their legal representatives) of such certificate, setting forth such allegation, and a bond or other undertaking as may be satisfactory to a financial officer of the Corporation designated by the Board to indemnify the Corporation against any claim that may be made against it on account of the alleged loss, theft or destruction of any such certificate or the issuance of any such new certificate.

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