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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 10/31/2017
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Section 3.02    Members and Alternate Members. Except as otherwise provided in and subject to Article XI of these By-Laws, the members of each Committee and any alternate members shall be selected by the Board. An alternate member may replace any absent or disqualified member at any meeting of the Committee. An alternate member shall be given all notices of Committee meetings, may attend any meeting of the Committee, but may count towards a quorum and vote only if a member for whom such person is an alternate is absent or disqualified. In the absence or disqualification of a member of the committee, the member or members thereof present at any meeting and not disqualified from voting, whether or not he, she or they constitute a quorum, may unanimously appoint another member of the Board to act at the meeting in place of any such absent or disqualified member. Each member or alternate member of any Committee (whether designated at an annual meeting of the Board or to fill a vacancy on such Committee or otherwise) shall hold office as a Committee member or alternate member, as applicable, until his or her successor shall have been designated or until he or she shall cease to be a director, or until his or her earlier death, or resignation or removal from the Committee.
Section 3.03    Committee Procedures. A quorum for each Committee shall be a majority of its members, unless the Committee has only one or two members, in which case a quorum shall be one member, or unless a greater quorum requirement is established by the Board. The vote of a majority of the Committee members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Committee. Each Committee shall keep regular minutes of its meetings and report to the Board when required. The Board may adopt other rules and regulations for the government of any Committee not inconsistent with the provisions of these By-laws, including Article XI, and each Committee may adopt its own rules and regulations of government, to the extent not inconsistent with these By-laws, including Article XI, or rules and regulations adopted by the Board.
Section 3.04    Meetings and Actions of Committees. Meetings and actions of each Committee shall be governed by, and held and taken in accordance with, the provisions of the following sections of these By-laws, with such By-laws being deemed to refer to the Committee and its members in lieu of the Board and its members:
(a)    Section 2.04 (to the extent relating to place and time of regular meetings);
(b)    Section 2.05 (relating to special meetings);
(c)    Section 2.06 (relating to notice and waiver of notice);
(d)    Sections 2.08 and 2.10 (relating to telephonic communication and action without a meeting); and
(e)    Section 2.09 (relating to adjournment and notice of adjournment).
Special meetings of Committees may also be called by resolution of the Board.
Section 3.05    Resignations and Removals. Any member (and any alternate member) of any Committee may resign from such position at any time by delivering a notice of resignation in writing or by electronic transmission, signed by such member, to the Chairman of the Board or the Secretary. Unless otherwise specified therein, such resignation shall take effect upon

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