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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 10/31/2017
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Section 2.12    Resignations of Directors. Any director may resign at any time by submitting an electronic transmission or by delivering a written notice of resignation, signed by such director, to the Chairman of the Board or the Secretary. Subject to Section 1.08(b) of these By-laws, such resignation shall take effect upon delivery unless the resignation specifies a later effective date or an effective date determined upon the happening of a specified event.
Section 2.13    Removal of Directors. Directors may only be removed as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation.
Section 2.14    Vacancies and Newly Created Directorships. Any vacancies or newly created directorships shall be filled as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation.
Section 2.15    Compensation. The directors shall be entitled to compensation for their services as fixed by the Board. The Board may by resolution determine the expenses in the performance of such services for which a director is entitled to reimbursement.
Section 2.16    Reliance on Accounts and Reports, etc. A director, as such or as a member of any committee designated by the Board, shall in the performance of his or her duties be fully protected in relying in good faith upon the records of the Corporation and upon information, opinions, reports or statements presented to the Corporation by any of the Corporation’s officers or employees, or committees designated by the Board, or by any other person as to the matters the member reasonably believes are within such other person’s professional or expert competence and who has been selected with reasonable care by or on behalf of the Corporation.

Section 3.01    How Constituted. Except as otherwise provided in and subject to Article XI of these By-Laws, the Board shall have an Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Compliance Committee, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and such other committees as the Board may determine (each, a “Committee” and collectively, the “Committees”). Except as otherwise provided in and subject to Article XI of these By-Laws, each Committee shall consist of such number of directors as from time to time may be fixed by the Board and shall have and may exercise all the powers and authority of the Board in the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation to the extent delegated to such Committee by the Board but no Committee shall have any power or authority as to (a) approving or adopting, or recommending to the stockholders, any action or matter (other than the election or removal of directors) expressly required by the DGCL to be submitted to stockholders for approval, (b) adopting, amending or repealing any of these By-laws or (c) as may otherwise be excluded by law or by the Certificate of Incorporation, and no Committee may delegate any of its power or authority to a subcommittee unless so authorized by the Board. Except as otherwise provided in and subject to Article XI of these By-Laws, any Committee may be abolished or re-designated from time to time by the Board.

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