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ENVISION HEALTHCARE CORP filed this Form 8-K on 10/31/2017
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meeting, meetings of stockholders shall not be required to be held in accordance with the rules of parliamentary procedure.
(b)    Preceding any meeting of the stockholders, the Board may, and when required by law shall, appoint one or more persons to act as inspectors of elections, and may designate one or more alternate inspectors. If no inspector or alternate so appointed by the Board is able to act, or if no inspector or alternate has been appointed and the appointment of an inspector is required by law, the person presiding at the meeting shall appoint one or more inspectors to act at the meeting. No director or nominee for the office of director shall be appointed as an inspector of elections. Each inspector, before entering upon the discharge of the duties of an inspector, shall take and sign an oath faithfully to execute the duties of inspector with strict impartiality and according to the best of his or her ability. The inspector or inspectors so appointed or designated shall (i) ascertain the number of shares of capital stock of the Corporation outstanding and the voting power of each such share, (ii) determine the shares of capital stock of the Corporation represented at the meeting and the validity of proxies and ballots, (iii) count all votes and ballots, (iv) determine and retain for a reasonable period a record of the disposition of any challenges made to any determination by the inspectors, and (v) certify their determination of the number of shares of capital stock of the Corporation represented at the meeting and such inspectors’ count of all votes and ballots. The inspectors shall discharge their duties in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.
Section 1.11    Consent of Stockholders in Lieu of Meeting. Stockholders may not take any action by written consent in lieu of action at an annual or special meeting of stockholders.
Section 1.12    Notice of Stockholder Proposals and Nominations.
(a)    Annual Meetings of Stockholders.
(i)    Nominations of persons for election to the Board and the proposal of business to be considered by the stockholders may be made at an annual meeting of stockholders only (A) pursuant to the Corporation’s notice of the meeting (or any supplement thereto) delivered pursuant to Section 1.04 of these By-laws, (B) by or at the direction of the Board or a committee of the Board appointed by the Board for such purpose or (C) by any stockholder of the Corporation who is entitled to vote at the meeting, who complies with the notice procedures set forth in clauses (ii) and (iii) of this Section 1.12(a) and who is a stockholder of record at the time such notice is delivered to the Secretary and at the date of the meeting.
(ii)    For nominations or other business to be properly brought before an annual meeting by a stockholder pursuant to subclause (C) of Section 1.12(a)(i) of these By-laws, the stockholder must have given timely notice thereof in writing to the Secretary and, in the case of business other than nominations for persons for election to the Board, such other business must constitute a proper matter for stockholder action. To be timely, a stockholder’s notice shall be delivered to the Secretary at the principal executive offices of the Corporation not less than ninety (90) days nor more than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the first anniversary of the preceding year’s annual meeting (which date shall, for purposes of the Corporation’s first annual meeting of stockholders after its

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