SGK, formerly marketed as Schawk, Inc. is a leading provider of global brand development, activation and deployment services that drive brand performance. By creating brands, helping sell brands, producing brand assets and protecting brand equities, SGK helps its clients achieve higher brand performance.

SGK’s brand development groups include Brandimage and Anthem, who create brand desirability to drive brand performance. SGK’s brand deployment group includes Schawk, who drives brand profitability. Schawk has earned market leadership in the packaging deployment category over the past 60+ years and applies its expertise across multiple mediums today.

Brandimage and Anthem create desirability in complementary ways. Brandimage creates brands through the development of brand equity design and brings them to the ‘shelf.’ Anthem sells brands from the ‘shelf’ out by amplifying and elevating brand desirability. Schawk drives brand profitability by producing brand assets and protecting brand equities.

SGK delivers these services to its clients which include many of the world’s most iconic brands through more than 150 locations in 20+ countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Clarence W. Schawk
Founder of SGK, Inc.

Clarence W. Schawk, founded SGK, Inc. (formerly Schawk, Inc.) in 1953 and served as its Chairman of the Board from September 1992 until SGK merged with Matthews International Corporation. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Filtertek Inc., the Company’s predecessor (“Filtertek”), from September 1992 until February 1993. Clarence W. Schawk also served as Chairman of the Board of the corporation previously known as Schawk, Inc. (“Old Schawk”) from 1953 until the merger (the “Merger”) of Old Schawk and affiliated companies into Filtertek in 1994 and served as Chief Executive Officer until June 1994. Clarence W. Schawk also previously served as President and a Director of the International Prepress Association.

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