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QuadraMed Launches Next-Generation Identity Management Solution for Health Systems and HIEs

Smart Identity Exchange Helps to Improve Patient Safety and Cost Efficiencies Through Better Patient Record Management

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 4, 2008--QuadraMed(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:QDHC) today announced general availability of Smart Identity Exchange (Smart I/X), a next-generation identity management solution that helps hospitals and health information exchanges (HIEs) in their efforts to identify, reconcile and manage patient records to significantly reduce the potential for medical errors and needless expenses such as unnecessary tests and procedures.

Adding another powerful tool to QuadraMed's Best in KLAS portfolio of identity management solutions, Smart I/X is both an enterprise master person index (EMPI) and a record locator/reconciliation solution designed specifically for organizations that require a means of more accurately identifying patients and establishing and maintaining a composite medical record across multiple data sources. The solution helps organizations comply with HIPAA and uses a probabilistic algorithm to analyze all records stored in an organization's MPI systems, cross-references and reconciles them, then assigns each patient a unique, enterprise identifier.

"Smart I/X significantly improves an integrated delivery network's (IDN) ability to deliver consistent and cost-effective high quality care by providing physicians immediate access to comprehensive patient information to help them make more informed and safe decisions at the point of care," said Keith Hagen, QuadraMed's president and CEO. "In addition to efficiently unifying individual patients' historical and most current information, Smart I/X enhances enterprise-wide care coordination and minimizes duplicate and overlapping records, all of which reduce unnecessary tests, treatments and medical errors."

QuadraMed's Smart I/X uses probabilistic matching to identify and link patient records--widely regarded by industry experts as the best practice approach to record matching because of its accuracy rate of 90 percent or higher. Organizations can utilize the algorithm's probabilistic logic combined with organization-specific rules to automatically link records to minimize manual review and reconciliation. The accuracy rate of QuadraMed's proprietary algorithm and the ease of use of the software applications led the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) to adopt QuadraMed's Smart Identity Management software in 2005 as part of its e-HIM(R) Virtual Lab Project. The Virtual Lab is used to educate and train Health Information Management (HIM) students and professionals nationwide on the latest identity management technology.

With Smart I/X, IDNs can create a longitudinal view of clinical and financial data for sharing patient records, tracking patient populations, monitoring quality of care indicators, producing accurate billing statements and connecting to HIEs. Smart I/X enhances the quality of care for patients within the health system and improves the organization's operational efficiency.

About QuadraMed Corporation

QuadraMed Corporation advances the success of healthcare organizations through IT solutions that leverage quality care into positive financial outcomes. QuadraMed provides real world solutions that help healthcare professionals deliver outstanding patient care efficiently and cost effectively. Behind the company's products and services is a staff of 650 professionals whose experience and dedication have earned QuadraMed the trust and loyalty of clients at over 2,000 healthcare provider facilities. For more information about QuadraMed, visit http://www.quadramed.com/

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