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Analyst Forecasts -
 Last Month Revisions
Fiscal Period MeanHighLowMedian# of Estimates#Up#DownMean % Change
AnnualDec 203.303.303.303.301000.00
AnnualDec 19-0.30-0.30-0.30-0.301000.00
AnnualDec 18-1.53-1.53-1.53-1.531000.00
QuarterlySep 18-0.32-0.32-0.32-0.321000.00
QuarterlyDec 18-0.40-0.40-0.40-0.401000.00
Long Term Growth
Actuals -
  Reported EPSMean EstimateSurprise % Change
AnnualDec 17-8.43-9.056.85
QuarterlyJun 18-0.32-0.4223.81
QuarterlyMar 18-0.76-0.55-38.18
QuarterlyDec 17-0.20-0.6770.15
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