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How can I obtain information about my account?

Computershare Shareowner Services can provide immediate answers to questions about your account balances, BHI Stock price – current and historical – and other shareholder information.

Contact Computershare Shareowner Services at 1-888-216-8057.

How do I change my address?

To change your mailing address of record, contact Computershare Shareowner Services at 1-888-216-8057. You may also request a seasonal address to avoid delay in receipt of dividend checks and other material when you’re away from home.

Does Baker Hughes have a Dividend Reinvestment program?

Yes, there is a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan available through Computershare, Baker Hughes’ transfer agent. Please visit www.computershare.com/investor, or call 1-888-216-8057 to request more information.

Can I have my dividends deposited directly into my savings or checking account?

To have your Baker Hughes dividends deposited directly into your savings or checking account, contact Computershare Shareowner Services, 480 Washington Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07310. Your ABA or transit routing number is a nine-digit number usually located at the bottom left-hand corner of checks. Your banking account number is usually located after the ABA or transit numbers.

How can I get a replacement dividend check?

If your dividend check has been lost, call 1-888-216-8057 to request a replacement check.

How do I transfer some or all of my shares?

If you wish to transfer some or all of your shares, or for instructions regarding a deceased owner or transferring ownership to a minor, contact Computershare Shareowner Services at 1-888-216-8057. Indicate the number of certificate and/or book entry shares and/or dividend reinvestment shares to be transferred. Indicate the full name and address of the new ownership(s). Current owner(s) must sign. Current owner(s) have their signature(s) medallion guaranteed by a bank or securities broker that is a member of the Securities Transfer Association Medallion Program, the Stock Exchange Medallion Program or The New York Stock Exchange, Inc. Medallion Guaranteed Program. (Please note that a notary is not acceptable). The Substitute Form W-9 must be completed with the new owner information and returned with the Stock Transfer Request Form. If not included, or incomplete, a Substitute Form W-9 will be sent to the new owner.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

Call Computershare Shareowner Services to report the missing certificate. A stop will be placed against the outstanding certificate until a replacement is issued. A fee will be charged for this service.

What is the tax impact for BHI Stockholders related to the pending merger with Halliburton?

Click Here to download tax information for pending merger with Halliburton.