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Investor Overview

We take a disciplined, fundamentally solid approach to the way we run our business.

At Kilroy Realty, we are opportunistic and disciplined in our approach to growth.

We capitalize on inflection points in a real estate cycle to add quality assets to our portfolio at substantial discounts to long-term value, through either acquisition or development.

We look for best-in-class, unique or irreplaceable properties that meet our standards for quality, location, amenities and long-term appreciation potential, at what we consider to be at or near cyclically low prices and are selling at or below replacement value.

We also target well-located, fundamentally sound properties that represent opportunities to substantially increase value over time via disciplined investment and/or improved property management and marketing.

We manage our portfolio of office properties to continually enhance its overall value.

To upgrade the quality of our portfolio, we regularly sell mature assets and recycle the capital into higher value properties, which helps maintain a healthy balance sheet and enhances the potential returns we can generate for our shareholders.

Our public ownership and investment grade debt ratings enhance our access to a variety of financing sources at attractive rates and support our ability to fund growth while maintaining a strong and flexible capital structure.

  • REIT

    We are a publicly traded real estate investment trust.

  • NYSE

    Our common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Standard and Poors

    We are included in the S&P MidCap 400 index.

  • Moody's Corporation

    Our publicly-traded debt securities are rated investment grade by Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s.