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Apollo Education Group Joins Annual CECP Summit to Discuss Driving More Successful Community Investment Programs

Apollo executive will join session exploring the importance of employee involvement to drive more effective community investment for businesses

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 2014-- Today’s younger generation of millennial workers are passionate about their involvement in their communities and improving society, making them a critical factor in companies’ decisions to expand community investment. Apollo Education Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOL) executive Pat Gottfried will join in this week’s 2014 CECP Summit as part of a session that focuses on tapping into this employee enthusiasm to develop more successful community investment programs.

The session, titled Harnessing Employee Passions: Models that Work, will cover several strategies for businesses to rally their employee base to support companies’ community investment activities including employee giving and measuring the overall impact to companies and communities. Gottfried, the vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility for Apollo Education Group, will specifically share her expertise in using skills-based volunteerism to drive for greater results.

“Employees are a quintessential piece of driving a community investment strategy that meets the societal needs championed by nonprofits, while making the most of the company’s investments,” said Gottfried. “Tapping into employee passions and developing volunteer opportunities that speak to employee skills sets and the overall mission of the company will create a successful culture of community investment.”

CECP is a coalition of CEOs united in the belief that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance. Founded in 1999, CECP has grown to a movement of more than 150 CEOs of the world’s largest companies across all industries. Apollo Education Group is a CECP-affiliated company. The 2014 Summit provides an opportunity for these companies to share in best practices and drive for further success in their community investment efforts.

“It is a privilege to be part of the CECP Summit and share my knowledge and experience with contemporaries from some of today’s most well-known and successful businesses,” said Gottfried. “Apollo Education Group has been highly regarded for our work in strategically investing in our communities to ensure the dollars and time are producing real results for all involved and I am excited to share our strategies during the CECP session.”

Apollo Education Group was recently recognized as one of America’s most community-minded companies in The Civic 50, an annual initiative that identifies and recognizes companies for their commitment to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business. Apollo ranked number one among the featured companies in the category of strategic investment.

Gottfried offers several tips on creating a civically minded organization, which she will discuss in more detail during the CECP session. These tips include:

  • It all starts with leadership. Involvement of senior leadership is vital to a civically minded company culture. At Apollo Education Group, for instance, senior leaders demonstrate commitment to social responsibility by volunteering their time serving in leadership capacities with Apollo’s nonprofit partners.
  • Strategically align the company with nonprofit partners that support the mission of the company. As an education company, Apollo Education Group has educational expertise and resources to share with nonprofit partners in a common mission to provide access to education and career-specific opportunities.
  • Make community involvement a company policy by formalizing policies that allow for paid-time off for community service and support team building initiatives that include large-scale employee volunteerism projects.
  • Measure the outcomes. Companies are not just engaging in philanthropy because it is a good thing to do, it is a necessary thing to do. However, funding decisions are made based on demonstrated outcomes, so it is important that activities yield measurable results.
  • Continuously evaluate, adjust and learn from each investment and activity. Companies often become attached to favorite charitable groups, but keep in mind that partnerships are there to challenge each other. In a true philanthropic partnership, both funder and charity are engaged in common goals and should challenge one another to build better, more innovative programs.

For more information on the 2014 CECP Summit and CECP, visit http://cecp.co/events/summit/2014-summit.html. To learn more about how create a more civically minded organization, visit http://csrreport.apollo.edu/five-effective-strategies-for-a-successful-civically-minded-culture/.

Apollo Education Group is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen by serving communities and individuals across the country. Through its corporate social responsibility efforts, Apollo focuses on giving in the areas of education, workforce readiness and sustainability. To learn more about the impact of these efforts, please visit http://csrreport.apollo.edu/.

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