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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form 8-K on 12/05/2017
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and excess retirement benefits as the Company may provide from time to time for similarly-situated employees of the Company; provided, however, that during the term of this Agreement, Employee shall not be entitled to or eligible for severance under any other plan, program, policy, or agreement.

4. Termination and Severance. Employee’s employment is at-will and may be terminated by Employee or the Company for any reason at any time during the term of this Agreement, subject to the severance provisions below. Employee agrees that he has fully negotiated this Section 4 of his Agreement with the Company to provide for sufficient severance pay, as appropriate, upon termination of employment.


  (a) Termination of Employment by the Company for Cause; Termination of Employment by Employee other than for Good Reason or Within 10 Days of Company Providing Notice of Non-Renewal. In the event (i) Employee’s employment is terminated by the Company for Cause or (ii) Employee voluntarily terminates his employment for any reason other than (y) Good Reason following a Change in Control, as described below, or (z) within 10 days following Notice of Non-Renewal by the Company, the Company shall have no further obligations to Employee except that accrued but unpaid salary through Employee’s termination date and any expense reimbursements owed Employee through the date of termination. As used in this Agreement, the term “Cause” shall mean (1) the willful and continued failure by Employee to substantially perform Employee’s duties hereunder (other than any such willful or continued failure resulting from Employee’s incapacity due to Employee’s Disability (defined below)), (2) repeated substandard work performance or repeated unreliability that has not been cured to the Company’s satisfaction after notice of the same as has been provided to Employee; (3) serious workplace misconduct, (4) Employee’s engagement in misconduct that Employee knows or should know reasonably could be injurious to any of the Key Companies, monetarily or otherwise (including injurious to the reputation of such Company); (5) Employee’s conviction of a felony by a court of competent jurisdiction or a plea of no contest to a felony charge, (6) fraud or other material dishonesty against any of the Key Companies, (7) the breach of any of the provisions hereof, or (8) the violation by Employee of any of the Key Companies’ policies, rules or guidelines as in effect from time to time, including without limitation, the Code of Business Conduct, securities trading policy or anti-trust policy.



Involuntary Termination of Employment Because of Death, Disability, or other than for Cause. In the event Employee’s employment is involuntarily terminated during the term of the Agreement (i) by Employee’s death, (ii) due to Employee’s Disability (as defined below), or (iii) by the Company other than for Cause, Employee will be eligible to receive (x) a lump sum severance payment equal to Employee’s annual Base Salary, less applicable deductions and withholdings, on the thirtieth (30th) day following Employee’s termination, (y) continued coverage for Employee and his dependents under the Company’s medical and dental benefit plans for 12 months at a cost to Employee equal to the cost of such coverage for similarly-


Employment Agreement of