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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/08/1996
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         The Board of Directors of Key recommends that  stockholders of Key vote
FOR each of the Key Proposals.

         At the effective time of the Merger (the "Effective  Time"), the shares
of Key Common Stock issued in connection with the Merger and the shares issuable
upon exercise of the New Key Warrants will be listed for trading on the American
Stock Exchange upon official notice of issuance.

         All information contained in this Proxy Statement--Prospectus  relating
to Key and its  subsidiaries  has  been  supplied  by Key,  and all  information
contained  in this Proxy  Statement--Prospectus  relating  to  WellTech  and its
subsidiaries has been supplied by WellTech.  The pro forma financial information
contained  herein  relating  to  Key  has  been  prepared  by Key  and  includes
historical financial  information regarding WellTech that was supplied to Key by

         This Proxy Statement--Prospectus and the accompanying form of proxy are
first being mailed to stockholders of Key on or about March 13, 1996.


         No  person  is  authorized  to give  any  information  or to  make  any
representation   with   respect  to  the   matters   described   in  this  Proxy
Statement--Prospectus  other than those contained herein, in connection with the
solicitation  of proxies or the offering of securities made hereby and, if given
or made, such information or  representations  must not be relied upon as having
been authorized by Key. This Proxy  Statement--Prospectus does not constitute an
offer to sell,  or a  solicitation  of an offer to buy, any  securities,  or the
solicitation of a proxy, in any jurisdiction to or from any person to whom it is
unlawful to make such offer or  solicitation in such  jurisdiction.  Neither the
delivery of this Proxy  Statement--Prospectus nor any distribution of securities
made hereunder will, under any circumstances,  create any implication that there
has  been no  change  in the  affairs  of Key  since  the  date  of  this  Proxy
Statement--Prospectus  or that  information  herein  is  correct  as of any time
subsequent to its date.