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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/08/1996
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Ownership of WellTech Securities

         The following table sets forth information as of February 28, 1996 with
respect to the shares of WellTech  Common Stock  beneficially  owned by (i) each
person  known by WellTech to own  beneficially  more than 5% of WellTech  Common
Stock;  (ii) each  director of WellTech;  and (iii) all  directors and executive
officers of WellTech as a group. The number of shares beneficially owned by each
director  or  executive  officer  is  determined   according  to  rules  of  the
Commission,  and the  information  is not  necessarily  indicative of beneficial
ownership for any other purpose. Under such rules, beneficial ownership includes
any shares as to which the  individual or entity has sole or shared voting power
or investment  power. As a consequence,  several persons may be deemed to be the
"beneficial  owners" of the same shares.  Except as noted below, each holder has
sole voting and investment power with respect to shares of WellTech Common Stock
listed as owned by such person or entity.


                                         Number of
                                          Shares                                  Number of Shares
                                          WellTech                                  of Key Common        As Adjusted
                                          Common            Percentage of        Stock Beneficially     Percentage of
Name and Address                           Stock         Outstanding Shares        Owned (Adjusted      Shares of Key
of Beneficial                          Beneficially          of WellTech             to Reflect             Common
     Owner                                 Owned          Common Stock (1)           the Merger)           Stock (2)
- -------------------------------       ---------------    -----------------         ----------------     ---------------
<S>                                    <C>                  <C>                    <C>                     <C>  

FMR Corp. (3)                           220,966               62.6%                 4,167,046               38.3%

Neptune Management Partners,
  L.P., as Agent and Nominee(4)          47,102               13.3%                   758,022                7.2%

Roughneck Partners, L.P.(5)              18,467                5.2%                   297,193                2.8%

CCF/WellTech, L.P.(6)                    28,240                8.0%                   454,472                4.3%

W. Phillip Marcum(7)                         --                --                      55,072                 *

Kevin Collins(7)                             --                --                      55,072                 *

Francisco Garcia (7) (8)                     --                --

George Konomos (9)                           --                --

Douglas B. Thompson (7) (10)              3,982                *                       76,105                 *

Directors as a group(5 persons)           3,982                *


- -------------------------
*        Less than 1%

        (1) Based on 352,941  shares of  outstanding  WellTech  Common  Stock at
            February 28, 1996.