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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/08/1996
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Market Prices and Dividend Data

         Key. The following table sets forth for the periods  indicated the high
and low closing prices of Key's Common Stock on the American Stock Exchange,  as
derived from published sources.

         Fiscal Year and Quarter                High             Low


         First Quarter                          5 1/2            4 7/8
         Second Quarter                         6 1/2            4 15/16
         Third Quarter                          6 7/8            5 7/8
         (through   February 26, 1996)

         First Quarter                          5 1/2            5
         Second Quarter                         5 1/2            4 3/4
         Third Quarter                          4 5/8            4 1/4
         Fourth Quarter                         5 1/2            4 3/4

The closing price of the Key Common Stock on August 30, 1995,  immediately prior
to the  announcement of the Merger was 4 15/16,  and on February 26, 1996 was 6.
(See "Price Range of Key Common Stock" for additional  information  with respect
to the prices of the Key Common  Stock in earlier  years.) The New Key  Warrants
are a new issue and there  exists no trading  market for them.  Key has not paid
cash dividends on the Key Common Stock and has no present  intention of so doing
after the Merger. The payment of future dividends, if any, will be determined by
the Key Board of  Directors  in light of  conditions  then  existing,  including
earnings,  financial  condition  and  requirements,  restrictions  in  financing
agreements, business conditions and other factors. The New Indebtedness contains
provisions  that prohibit  cash  dividends  and stock  repurchases  by Key. (See
"Business and Properties of Key- Recent Developments- New Indebtedness.")

       As of February 26, 1996 there were  6,913,513  shares of Key Common Stock
outstanding, held by approximately 541 holders of record. After giving effect to
the Merger there will be 10,413,513 shares of Key Common Stock outstanding.

       WellTech.  No  established  public trading market exists for the WellTech
Common Stock,  and accordingly no high and low bid information or quotations are
available  with respect to the WellTech  Common Stock.  As of February 28, 1996,
there were 24 holders of record of  WellTech  Common  Stock,  holding a total of
352,941 shares. The most recent transaction  involving WellTech Common Stock was
the transfer of 1,152 shares from a single  holder to designees of an insider at
$55.50 per share.  WellTech has not  declared  any cash  dividends on its common
stock for the past two years.