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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/08/1996
Entire Document

         To the extent not  described  herein and as otherwise  required by law,
the  specific  amount of  Securities  being  offered  or sold,  the names of the
Selling  Securityholders,  the respective  purchase  prices and public  offering
prices,  the names of any  agent,  dealer  or  underwriter,  and any  applicable
commissions or discounts with respect to a particular  offer or sale will be set
forth  in  an  accompanying   prospectus   supplement  or,  if  appropriate,   a
post-effective  amendment to the Registration Statement of which this Prospectus
is a part.

         Key will not receive any of the proceeds of the sale of  Securities  by
any Selling Securityholder.

         Under the securities laws of certain states, the Securities may be sold
in such states  only  through  registered  or  licensed  brokers or dealers.  In
addition, in certain states the Securities may not be sold unless the Securities
have been  registered or qualified  for sale in such state or an exemption  from
registration or qualification is available and is complied with.

         Key will pay all of the expenses incident to the registration, offering
and sale of the  Securities,  other  than  commissions,  fees and  discounts  of
underwriters,  brokers,  dealers and  agents.  Key has agreed to  indemnify  the
Selling  Securityholders  and  any  underwriters  against  certain  liabilities,
including liabilities under the Securities Act.