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SEC Filings

KEY ENERGY SERVICES INC filed this Form S-4/A on 03/08/1996
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(11) Supplemental Cash Flow Information

         Cash paid for interest and income taxes follows (in thousands):

                              1994                1993             1992
                             ------              ------           -----

       Interest               $  400             $  466           $  108
       Income taxes                -                  -                -

Information regarding certain non-cash transactions follows (in thousands):

                                           1994        1993          1992
                                           -----      -----         -----
    Contribution of net assets of
        Gulf Coast operations for equity
        investment in DWT                 $    -      $    -        $4,161
    Contribution of net assets for
        equity investment in Servicios
        WellTech                              90         181           394
    Transfer of current assets and
    current liabilities to Key Energy
    Group, Inc.:
        Accounts receivable, net               -       2,524             -
        Accounts payable                       -       1,605             -
        Accrued payroll and related taxes      -         301             -
        Accrued liabilities                    -         618             -
    Conversion of debt to equity          34,874           -             -

(12)  Subsequent Event -

           Key Energy Group, Inc. Merger

           On August 29,  1995,  WellTech  signed a letter of intent to effect a
merger with Key Energy  Group,  Inc. and on November 18,  1995,  the  definitive
merger  agreement was finalized.  Under the terms of the merger  agreement,  Key
will issue an aggregate of  4,929,962  shares of Key Common Stock and  five-year
warrants to purchase an  aggregate  of 750,000  shares of Key Common Stock at an
exercise price of $6.75.  1,429,962 of the 1,635,000  shares of Key Common Stock
and existing  warrants to purchase an aggregate of 250,000  shares of Key Common
Stock at $5.00 per share presently owned by WellTech will be cancelled. WellTech
stockholders will retain their investment in Dawson WellTech,  LLC. In addition,
WellTech  has  entered  into an Interim  Operations  Agreement  in which Key has
assumed day to day management of WellTech's  operations  until the  shareholders
approve the transaction and the merger is consummated.  Completion of the merger
is subject to customary  closing  conditions  which  include the approval of Key
shareholders which is currently anticipated to be completed in March 1996.