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Cyber Lizard Invades Soft Drink Market

SoBe Beverages Has Consumers Asking, " Who is Mr. Green?"

NORWALK, CT – (March 27, 2002) There's a new lizard in town, and his name is Mr. Green. He's the fun, cool lizard that embodies the spirit of SoBe Beverages, and his new namesake soda is scheduled to hit store shelves in May 2002. Mr. Green Soda Pop is SoBe's first carbonated beverage, and it's loaded with attitude, energy and a taste soft drink fans will love. Mr. Green will be supported by an aggressive grassroots marketing campaign.

Mr. Green features a delicious blend of flavors, and is enhanced with ginseng to give it an extra lift. The soda pop also has a unique "discovery aspect" that sets it apart from other flavored soft drinks on the market. It will be available in 20 oz. and 1 liter bottles at launch, and it will have a unique brand positioning in the marketplace.

"Mr. Green will bring fun, attitude and excitement to the carbonated soft drink market," said SoBe CEO, John Bello. "It's a soda only SoBe could deliver, and it brings a personality to carbonated beverages that the category hasn't seen before." Bello continued, "Mr. Green's an energizing soda pop. It has a refreshing blend of flavors, ginseng, and a label that looks like a video game collided with a soft drink bottle. We think it offers consumers great taste, refreshment and a little fun; That's what SoBe is all about."

SoBe's Sr. VP of Marketing, Renee Kasbar Coughlin agrees, "SoBe is constantly focused on innovation, and our consumers continue to look to us for unique, fun, great-tasting beverages. SoBe really delivers on that promise in the carbonated soft drink category with Mr. Green. The brand is consistent with the edgy, cool personality of SoBe, and it has a fun ‘discovery' element that other beverages in the market simply don't have. We think current SoBe fans will love Mr. Green, and the brand is an ideal vehicle to introduce the delicious taste and unique personality of SoBe to existing soft drink consumers."

‘But just who is Mr. Green' you ask? Mr. Green is SoBe's signature lizard, found on select SoBe labels. He first appeared on the Liz Blizz bottle, carving a mountain on a snowboard, and has since been seen surfing on Tsunami, skateboarding on Lizard Lightning, kayaking on Lizard Lava, and mountain biking on Lizard Fuel. For his namesake soda pop, Mr. Green has evolved into a "cyber lizard," showing his most modern side. He's mischievous, edgy, irreverent and smart, and he's definitely ready to take reality to the next level.

Mr. Green will be supported with the type of aggressive grassroots marketing efforts that have made SoBe the number one brand in Healthy Refreshment. It will be sampled nationally this summer via a dedicated Mr. Green sampling tour, as well as on the touring SoBe Love Buses. The tour vehicles will travel from April through November, visiting concerts, festivals, and other popular events nationwide, and will stop at select SoBe retailers for sampling promotions. Mr. Green will also have its own dedicated website at, and the product will be supported through promotions on the SoBe web page at

Mr. Green will begin shipping in late April 2002 and will be brought to market by the Pepsi-Cola distribution system. It will be available in grocery stores, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs, as well as gas marts, select restaurants/hotels and delis nationally.

SoBe History

Founded in Norwalk, CT in 1995, SoBe has historically been a popular tea and juice brand. In the past year, the company has successfully entered other categories in the beverage market including energy drinks and chocolate. SoBe's energy drink, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, quickly soared to the number two spot in the category within six months of its launch, while SoBe's new offering in the chocolate category, Love Bus Brew, is also selling strongly.

For more information about SoBe or Mr. Green, please contact Kristine Hinck at (203) 899.7163 or


Norwalk, CT- based South Beach Beverage Company is the maker of herbally enhanced refreshment beverages marketed under the SoBe brand name. SoBe "healthy refreshment' beverages are formulated for individuals with active lifestyles. In addition to SoBe teas and juice blends in the famous 20 oz. glass lizard bottle, SoBe markets SoBe Sports System, an advance performance beverage system, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, an all-natural maximum energy supplement, Love Bus Brew, an energizing chocolate drink, and SoBe Ice, a fountain-dispensed frozen product with SoBe flavors. SoBe also comes in convenient, on-the-go 11 oz. aseptic boxes, called Lizard Packs.

SoBe beverages can be purchased at convenience stores, grocery stores, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs, delis, gas marts, and select restaurants/hotels. For more information, visit the SoBe web site at or call the Lizard Line at 1-800-588-0548. SoBe is a separate operating unit of Pepsi-Cola North America.