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SPECTRUM BRANDS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 09/14/2018
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for Mr. Zargar to participate in the Company’s executive auto lease program; (iii) a stipend for corporate apartment and income tax filings and returns preparation and advice and estate planning advice; and (iv) eligibility for Mr. Zargar to participate in any of the Company’s insurance plans and other benefits, if any, as the benefits are made available to other executive officers of the Company.
Under the Employment Agreement, Mr. Zargar is entitled to receive severance benefits if his employment is terminated under certain circumstances.  If Mr. Zargar’s employment is terminated by the Company without “Cause” (as defined below), by Mr. Zargar for “Good Reason” (as defined below), or by reason of death or by the Company for disability, or upon a Company initiated non-renewal, he will be entitled to the following severance benefits: (i) a cash payment equal to 2.99 times his then-current Base Salary, (ii) a cash payment equal to 1.5 times his then-current Target Amount bonus, each payable ratably on a monthly basis over the 18-month period following termination; (iii) a pro rata portion, in cash, of the annual MIP bonus Mr. Zargar would have earned for the fiscal year in which termination occurs if his employment had not ceased; (iv) medical insurance coverage and certain other employee benefits for Mr. Zargar and his dependents for the 18-month period following termination; (v) payment of accrued vacation time pursuant to Company policy; and (vi) all unvested outstanding performance based and time based equity awards will immediately vest as provided in the applicable equity award agreements.
In the case of termination, severance payments and vesting are conditioned upon Mr. Zargar’s execution of a release of claims in favor of the Company and its affiliates.
For purposes of the Employment Agreement, “Cause” is defined as (i) the commission by Mr. Zargar of any deliberate and premeditated act taken by him in bad faith against the interests of the Company that causes or is reasonably anticipated to cause material harm to the Company; (ii) Mr. Zargar being convicted of, or pleading nolo contendere with respect to, any felony or of any lesser crime or offense having as its predicate element fraud, dishonesty, or misappropriation of the property of the Company that causes or is reasonably anticipated to cause material harm to the Company; (iii) the habitual drug addiction or intoxication of Mr. Zargar which negatively impacts his job performance or Mr. Zargar’s failure of a Company-required drug test; (iv) the willful failure or refusal of Mr. Zargar to perform his duties as set forth in the agreement or the willful failure or refusal to follow the direction of the Board, provided such failure or refusal continues after 30 calendar days of the receipt of written  notice from the Board of such failure or refusal; or (v) Mr. Zargar materially breaches any of the terms of the Employment Agreement or any other agreement between himself and the Company and the breach is not cured within 30 calendar days after written notice from the Company.
In addition, for purposes of the Employment Agreement, “Good Reason” is defined as (i) any reduction, not consented to by Mr. Zargar, in Mr. Zargar’s Base Salary or target MIP bonus opportunity, then in effect; (ii) the relocation, not consented by Mr. Zargar, of the  office at which he is principally employed as of the date of the Employment Agreement to a location more than 50 miles from such office, or the requirement by the Company that Mr. Zargar be based at an location other than such office on an extended basis, except for required business travel; (iii) a substantial diminution or other substantive adverse change, not consented to by Mr. Zargar, in the nature or scope of his responsibilities, authorities, powers, functions, or duties; (iv) a breach by the Company of any of its material obligations under the Employment Agreement; or (v) the failure of the Company to obtain the agreement for any successor to the Company to assume and agree to perform the Company’s obligations under the Employment Agreement.