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SPECTRUM BRANDS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 07/13/2018
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13.5 Treatment of Excess Securities.


(i) No employee or agent of the Corporation shall record any Prohibited Transfer, and the purported transferee of a Prohibited Transfer (the “Purported Transferee”) shall not be recognized as a stockholder of the Corporation for any purpose whatsoever in respect of the Corporation Securities that are the subject of the Prohibited Transfer (the “Excess Securities”). The Purported Transferee shall not be entitled with respect to such Excess Securities to any rights of stockholders of the Corporation, including, without limitation, the right to vote such Excess Securities, to receive dividends or distributions, whether liquidating or otherwise, in respect thereof and to effect any Transfer thereof. Once the Excess Securities have been acquired in a Transfer that is in accordance with this Section 13.5 and is not a Prohibited Transfer, such Corporation Securities shall cease to be Excess Securities. For this purpose, any Transfer of Excess Securities not in accordance with the provisions of this Section 13.5 shall also be a Prohibited Transfer.

(ii) The Corporation may require, including, but not limited to, as a condition to the registration of the Transfer of any Corporation Securities or the payment of any dividend or distribution on any Corporation Securities, that the proposed transferee or payee furnish to the Corporation all information reasonably requested by the Corporation with respect to all the direct or indirect ownership interests in such Corporation Securities. The Corporation may make such arrangements or issue such instructions to its stock transfer agent as may be determined by the Board to be necessary or advisable to implement this Section 13.5, including, without limitation, authorizing such transfer agent to require an affidavit from a proposed transferee or payee regarding such Person’s actual and constructive ownership of stock and other evidence that a Transfer will not be prohibited by this Article 13 as a condition to registering any Transfer or paying any dividend or distribution.


(i) If a Prohibited Transfer has occurred: (1) the Prohibited Transfer and, if applicable, the registration of such Prohibited Transfer, shall be void ab initio and have no legal effect; and (2) upon written demand by the Corporation, the Purported Transferee (if identified by the Corporation or otherwise) shall transfer or cause to be transferred any certificate or other evidence of ownership of the Excess Securities within the Purported Transferee’s possession or control, together with any dividends or other distributions that were received by the Purported Transferee from the Corporation with respect to the Excess Securities (the “Prohibited Distributions”), to an agent designated and controlled by the Board (the “Agent”).

(ii) In the case of a Prohibited Transfer described in Section 13.3(a)(A) (other than as a result of the consummation of the Merger), the Agent shall thereupon sell to a buyer or buyers the Excess Securities transferred to it pursuant to this Section 13.5(b) in one or more arm’s-length transactions (including over a national securities exchange on which the Corporation Securities may be traded, if possible); provided, however, that the Agent, in its sole discretion, shall effect such sale or sales in an orderly fashion and shall not be required to effect any such sale within any specific time frame if, in the Agent’s discretion, such sale or sales would disrupt the market for the Corporation Securities or otherwise would adversely affect the value of the Corporation Securities; provided further that any such sale must not constitute a Prohibited Transfer. If the Purported Transferee has resold the Excess Securities before receiving the Corporation’s demand to surrender the Excess Securities to the Agent, the Purported Transferee shall be deemed to have sold the Excess Securities for the Agent, and shall be required to transfer to the Agent any Prohibited Distributions and the proceeds of such sale (in the form received, i.e., whether in cash or other property), and the Agent shall thereupon identify and sell any non-cash consideration to a buyer or buyers in one or more arm’s-length transactions (including over a national securities exchange, if possible), except to the extent the Corporation grants written permission to the Purported Transferee to retain a portion of such sale proceeds not exceeding the amount that the Purported Transferee would have received from the Agent pursuant to Section 13.5(c) if the Agent, rather than the Purported Transferee, had resold the Excess Securities.

(iii) In the case of a Prohibited Transfer described in Section 13.3(a)(A) as a result of the consummation of the Merger (for this purpose, treating as a Prohibited Transfer any issuance of Corporation Securities that would have constituted a Prohibited Transfer but for the operation of section 2.1(e) of the Merger Agreement and the applicable provisions of this Article 13), the Agent shall, at the direction of the Company,