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SPECTRUM BRANDS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 07/13/2018
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(d) The restrictions set forth in Section 13.3(a) shall not apply to a proposed Transfer, and a Transfer shall not be treated as a Prohibited Transfer hereunder, if, at the time the proposed Transfer is effected, the Board has reasonably determined, and publicly announced, that no Tax Benefits of the Corporation may be carried forward.

13.4 Excepted Transfers. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the other sections of this Article 13:

(a) (i) CF Turul LLC (“CF Turul”), an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group LLC, an entity treated for U.S. tax purposes as a “partnership” and currently the holder of 5,320,562 shares of Common Stock (the “CFT Shares”), and (ii) its direct and indirect members, may make one or more distributions of the CFT Shares or membership interests in CF Turul (other than CFT Shares permitted to be Transferred pursuant to the other CF Turul Exceptions) (such distributions described in this Section 13.4(a), the “CFT Distributions,” and such distributed CFT Shares or membership interests in CF Turul, the “CFT Distributed Property”) to the direct and indirect members of CF Turul which are investment funds and accounts (including their subsidiaries) managed by Fortress Investment Group LLC and/or its investment advisory affiliates (each such Fortress-managed fund and account, a “Fortress Fund”), and by such Fortress Funds to the ultimate owners that are (x) general partners of such Fortress Funds, and (y) direct investors in such Fortress Funds that are not entities sponsored by Fortress Investment Group LLC (or the nominees, custodians, or trustees of such direct investors, including any liquidating trust or similar vehicle created to hold CFT Distributed Property on behalf of direct investors who are precluded from receiving or holding such CFT Distributed Property due to applicable law, regulation, standing internal policy or other, similar constraints) (all such general partners of and direct investors in such Fortress Funds, the “Ultimate Owners”); provided, however, that (A) any such CFT Distributions may be made only on a substantially pro rata basis from CF Turul to its direct and indirect members in their capacity as members, partners, owners, or shareholders, successively, to the Ultimate Owners; (B) such Fortress Funds may directly or indirectly hold, rather than distribute, CFT Shares or membership interests in CF Turul (that otherwise would be distributable to Ultimate Owners hereunder) on behalf of such Ultimate Owners who do not receive such Distribution, provided that such Fortress Funds that hold such CFT Shares shall not make a Disposition of such CFT Shares or membership interests in CF Turul prior to the Expiration Date (as defined below), other than to distribute such CFT Shares to the Ultimate Owners; (C) prior to the Expiration Date, no CFT Distributions may be made if making the CFT Distributions (together with any Dispositions by Ultimate Owners undertaken as part of a plan in connection with such CFT Distribution) (1) would result in the identification of a new Substantial Holder or Public Group or (2) when combined with any prior CFT Distributions and any prior Transfers made pursuant to the CF Turul Exceptions, cause an increase (calculated as of the testing date that would occur as a result of such Distribution) of more than the CFT Cushion Amount in the Percentage Stock Ownership of any existing or new Substantial Holders or Public Groups; (D) except as provided in (B), any Ultimate Owners may make a Disposition of the CFT Shares constituting CFT Distributed Property at one or more times without limitation, provided that the Dispositions are (1) made on a national securities exchange or other exchange on which Corporate Securities are then traded or (2) otherwise in compliance with Section 13.3 above; and (E) prior to the Expiration Date, each CFT Distribution (together with any such related Dispositions) shall be subject to the approval of the Board (at a meeting of the Board or by written consent of the Board), which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or conditioned, that the conditions and requirements for making a CFT Distribution as set forth in this Section 13.4(a) have been satisfied; provided, that (x) as a condition to granting such approval, CF Turul shall submit to the Board a plan for effectuating the proposed CF Turul Distribution and shall provide the Board with such other factual information, and representations with respect to such factual information, as are reasonably requested by the Board in connection with its review of such plan, (y) CF Turul and the Board shall cooperate in good faith to determine whether such proposed CF Turul Distribution (together with any such related Dispositions) satisfies the requirements of Section 13.4(a)(C), and (z) the Board shall promptly review (or cause to be reviewed) such plan and use commercially reasonable efforts to grant its approval of such plan within thirty (30) calendar days of the receipt of such plan (the exceptions set forth in this Section 13.4(a) to generally applicable limitations on Transfer, the “CF Turul Distribution Exceptions”).