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SPECTRUM BRANDS LEGACY, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 05/01/2018
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hereunder during or after the Term, and (iii) the execution and delivery of this Agreement shall not result in any breach or violation of, or a default under, any existing obligation, commitment or agreement to which Executive is subject.

(q) Clawback. The Executive acknowledges that to the extent required by applicable law (including without limitation Section 304 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act and Section 954 of the Dodd Frank Act) or by any applicable award agreement, the Bonus and other incentive compensation shall be subject to any required clawback, forfeiture, recoupment or similar requirement.

(r) Indemnification. To the maximum extent permitted by law and the Parent’s and the Company’s governing documents and applicable insurance agreements, the Parent and the Company shall indemnify Executive, hold Executive harmless, and make advances for expenses (including attorneys and costs) to Executive (subject to Executive’s providing an undertaking to repay the Parent and the Company, as the case may be, that is acceptable to the Parent or Company, as applicable) with respect to any and all losses, claims, demands, liabilities, costs, damages, expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) and causes of action imposed on, incurred by, asserted against or to which Executive may otherwise become subject by reason of or in connection with any act or omission of Executive, including any negligent act or omission, for and on behalf of the Parent or the Company that occurs during Executive’s employment with the Company and Parent or in connection with Executive providing cooperation to the Company and/or the Parent as set forth in Section 10(m), that Executive reasonably and in good faith believes is in the furtherance of the interests of the Company and/or the Parent, unless such act or omission constitutes gross negligence or intentional misconduct or is outside of the scope of Executive’s authority; provided,  however, that this Section 10(r) shall not be construed to grant Executive a right to be indemnified by the Company or the Parent (i) for actions or proceedings brought by the Company or the Parent for breach or anticipated breach of this Agreement by Executive, or (ii) for any action, suit, arbitration or other proceeding (or portion thereof) initiated by Executive, unless authorized or ratified by the Board.

(s)Permitted Activity.  Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Executive shall be permitted to be an investor, director, officer and/or employee of one (1) special purpose acquisition company (“SPAC”). In addition, if during the Non-Competition Period, an opportunity  related to the Company’s and/or the Parent’s business (or which is similar to or competitive with a business of the Company and/or the Parent) is presented to the Executive, whether as a director (in his capacity as a director) or as an employee, then if the Specified Conditions are met, the Executive may pursue such opportunity and be engaged with such activity (whether in connection with the SPAC or any company involved in a business combination with the SPAC or otherwise) and it shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement (notwithstanding anything contained in Section 6) or the Company’s and/or the Parent’s corporate guidelines or the Company’s and/or the Parent’s articles of incorporation or any other agreement.   For purposes of this Agreement, “Specified Conditions” means that (i) such opportunity is presented to a committee of independent directors of the Board, (ii) the committee determines not to pursue such opportunity and (iii) the committee consents in writing to the Executive pursuing such opportunity for his own benefit (whether through a SPAC or any company involved in a business combination with the SPAC or otherwise).