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SPECTRUM BRANDS, INC. filed this Form 424B3 on 08/03/2016
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Item 2. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations


The following is management’s discussion of the financial results, liquidity and other key items related to our performance and should be read in conjunction with the Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements and related notes included in Item 1 of this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q. Unless the context indicates otherwise, the term the “Company,” “Spectrum,” “we,” “our,” or “us” are used to refer to Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries and SB/RH Holdings, LLC and its subsidiaries, collectively.

Business Overview

We are a diversified global branded consumer products company. The Company manufactures, markets and/or distributes its products in approximately 160 countries in the North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa (“MEA”), Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions through a variety of trade channels, including retailers, wholesalers and distributors, original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), construction companies and hearing aid professionals. We enjoy strong name recognition in our regions under our various brands and patented technologies. Our diversified global branded consumer products have positions in seven major product categories: consumer batteries, small appliances, personal care, hardware and home improvement, pet supplies, home and garden and auto care. We manage the businesses in five vertically integrated, product-focused segments: (i) Global Batteries & Appliances, (ii) Hardware & Home Improvement, (iii) Global Pet Supplies, (iv) Home and Garden and (v) Global Auto Care. Global and geographic strategic initiatives and financial objectives are determined at the corporate level. Each segment is responsible for implementing defined strategic initiatives and achieving certain financial objectives and has a general manager responsible for sales and marketing initiatives and the financial results for all product lines within that segment. See Note 16, “Segment Information” of Notes to the Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements, included elsewhere in this Quarterly Report for more information pertaining to segments. The following table summarizes the respective product types, brands, and regions for each of the segments:









Global Batteries & Appliances   

Consumer batteries: Alkaline, zinc carbon, and NiMH rechargeable batteries; hearing aid and other specialty battery products; battery powered portable lighting products.

Small appliances: small kitchen and home appliances.

Personal care: electric shaving and grooming products, hair care appliances and accessories.


Consumer batteries: Rayovac, VARTA.

Small appliances: Black & Decker, George Foreman, Russell Hobbs, Juiceman, Breadman, and Toastmaster.

Personal care: Remington.

   North America Europe/MEA Latin America Asia-Pacific
Hardware & Home Improvement    Hardware and home improvement: Residential locksets and door hardware including hinges, security hardware, screen and storm door products, garage hardware, window hardware and floor protection; commercial doors, locks, and hardware; kitchen, bath and shower faucets and plumbing products.    Hardware and home improvement: Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin, National Hardware, Stanley, Tell, Pfister.    North America Europe/MEA Latin America Asia-Pacific
Global Pet Supplies    Pet supplies: Dog, cat and small animal food and treats; clean-up and training aid products and accessories; pet health and grooming products; aquariums and aquatic health supplies.    Pet Supplies: 8-in-1, Dingo, Nature’s Miracle, Wild Harvest, Littermaid, Tetra, Marineland, Whisper, Jungle, Instant Ocean, FURminator, IAMS, Eukanuba, Healthy-Hide, Digest-eeze.    North America Europe/MEA Latin America Asia-Pacific
Home and Garden    Home and garden: Household insecticides; insect and animal repellent products; insect and weed control solutions.    Home and garden: Cutter, Repel, Spectracide, Garden Safe, Liquid Fence, Hot Shot, Black Flag.   

North America

Latin America

Global Auto Care    Auto care: Aftermarket appearance products; performance chemicals & additives; do-it-yourself air conditioner recharge products.    Auto care: Armor All, STP, A/C PRO.   

North America Europe/MEA Latin America