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R.H. Donnelley Introduces 1-800-CallDex

Launches four-market trial of voice-enabled local search in partnership with Call Genie

CARY, N.C., Sept. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- R.H. Donnelley Corporation (NYSE: RHD), one of the nation's leading yellow pages and online local commercial search companies, today launched a four-market trial of a new voice-enabled local search solution -- 1-800-CallDex(TM). Working with Toronto-based Call Genie (TSXV: GNE), a leading provider of enhanced voice-enabled mobile local search products and services, R.H. Donnelley is testing the new service to determine its viability before officially adding it to its portfolio of local search services.

The new 1-800 service -- launching today in Denver, Phoenix, Spokane and Tucson -- provides free, local category search for consumers seeking businesses. The service provides addresses and phone numbers, as well as business descriptions, hours of operation, payment methods and more.

"We have been following the voice-enabled market and believe the time is now right to introduce this new solution," said Maggie Le Beau, senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer for R.H. Donnelley. "Voice-enabled search solutions complement our existing offerings -- print and online products -- and address the needs of the mobile consumer by providing immediate, relevant search results via their telephone. It's all part of our ongoing commitment of helping consumers connect with advertisers -- whenever, however and wherever they choose to search."

R.H. Donnelley selected Call Genie to help develop and support the new solution via its latest release of its Enhanced Voice Directory (EVD(TM)) product. This release allows consumers in 1-800-CallDex markets to refine their searches by referencing landmarks, neighborhoods and intersections -- thus helping find relevant search results related to their current location or the location to which they are traveling. This capability is built on voice recognition, which understands accents and other nuances of how people speak and request information. This intelligent system also evaluates what is being asked and continuously updates the system to reflect how local residents refer to specific landmarks or locations.

"Call Genie brings extensive knowledge of voice search technology and caller habits, as well as proven expertise in managing yellow pages and other directory listings, to R.H. Donnelley," said Michael Durance, CEO for Call Genie. "We're excited to work with R.H. Donnelley on what we feel will be a successful trial and look forward to our continued work with them on this service."

During the trial period, R.H. Donnelley will be tracking consumer usage patterns with the service, as well as consumer feedback. Callers can visit http://www.telldex.com to log comments or suggestions about their 1-800-CallDex experience.

About R.H. Donnelley

R.H. Donnelley connects businesses and consumers through its broad portfolio of print and interactive marketing solutions. Small- and medium-sized businesses look to R.H. Donnelley's experienced team of marketing consultants to help them grow their companies and drive sales leads. Consumers depend on the company's reliable, trusted, local business content to deliver the most relevant search results when they are seeking local goods and services. For more information, visit http://www.rhd.com.

About Call Genie, Inc.

Call Genie, Inc. is a leading provider of enhanced Voice-enabled Mobile Local Search ("VoMoLo") search products and services. Offered as a turnkey or ASP solution, Call Genie's Enhanced Voice Directory (EVD(TM)) platform enables companies to offer a comprehensive, voice-enabled business category search service to consumers and business customers. EVD(TM) is network, handset and location independent, and can be incorporated into any existing DA service or deployed as a stand-alone offering. Call Genie won the 2006 Yellow Page Association Industry Excellence Award for Marketing Innovation in North America, the 2006 Whitaker Innovation Award in Europe, and the 2006 118 Tracker Award for Technology Innovation in the UK. For more information, visit http://www.callgenie.com.

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