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Innovation, combined with solid strategy execution by our talented and dedicated employees, has resulted in another year of strong financial performance in 2016.  By advancing clean, economical and sustainable energy, providing innovative energy solutions and investing in a smarter, stronger, more secure power grid, we continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs for both today and beyond. 

We paid an annual dividend of $1.18 per share.  That is an increase of 8 cents per share over 2015’s dividend.  Effective with the February dividend, we have paid a dividend for 285 straight quarters.  Our earnings per share totaled $1.64 per share for 2016.

When combining our stock performance and dividend payout over the last five years, we delivered a higher return than you would have earned by investing in the S&P 500 Stock Index or the Edison Electric Institute Stock Index.  Looking ahead, we will continue to provide our customers with safe and reliable energy, transform our generating fleet and be good stewards of our natural resources.

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