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Keith Holliday
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Keith Holliday joined STAAR in August 2015 as Vice President of Research and Development. Dr. Holliday’s twenty years’ experience leading teams of scientists, engineers and clinicians have resulted in new products, new materials and new clinical methodologies that have significantly advanced ophthalmic care in refractive surgery. Dr. Holliday holds patents in excimer laser beam detection, control and profiling, and methods to correct presbyopia that synergistically take into account the epithelium’s response to corneal inlays, and has also authored 37 peer reviewed publications in the scientific literature plus two book chapters and one single-authored book. From 2007 to his arrival at STAAR, he served as Vice President, Research and Development at ReVision Optics where he oversaw the development of their corneal inlay technology that includes a hydrogel inlay for presbyopia correction, delivery devices and clinical methodologies as well as managing first-in-man clinical studies. Previously, he was Director of Laser Technology at Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) and Staff Laser Scientist at VISX. Prior to joining VISX, Dr. Holliday worked primarily in academia. He obtained his first degree in Physics and Electronics from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland and a Ph.D. from the Laser Physics Centre at the Australian National University. He spent three years at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he was primarily involved with the utilization of optically active polymers and crystals, to develop materials and techniques for very high density, holographic optical storage and computational systems. He is considered an expert on presbyopia and served as conference chair in 2014 for the International Society of Presbyopia and continues as a committee member.