First Call Estimates

Analyst Forecasts - EPS
 Last Month Revisions
Fiscal Period MeanHighLowMedian# of Estimates#Up#DownMean % Change
AnnualDec 202.813.102.612.713000.00
AnnualDec 192.252.362.082.265000.00
QuarterlyDec 180.340.440.190.345000.00
QuarterlyMar 190.500.550.450.493000.00
QuarterlyJun 190.550.660.480.513000.00
QuarterlySep 190.610.630.580.633000.00
Long Term Growth -9.20-9.20-9.20-9.201000.00
Actuals - EPS
  Reported EPSMean EstimateSurprise % Change
AnnualDec 171.330.59125.42
AnnualDec 161.461.48-1.02
AnnualDec 15-0.89-0.47-88.36
QuarterlySep 180.360.2925.58
QuarterlyJun 180.140.16-13.85
QuarterlyMar 180.220.1457.14
QuarterlyDec 170.41-0.34222.39
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